Open Call for Romanian Jewelry Week 1.0

Open call  /  03 Dec 2019  -  07 Feb 2020
Published: 03.12.2019
Open Call for Romanian Jewelry Week 1.0.
ARCUB Cultural Center
David Sandu
DEADLINE: 07/02/2020
Application forms can be downloaded from the website in two catalogues: Designers section and Collectives & Institutions section.


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Between 19-24th of March 2020, the first edition of ROMANIAN JEWELRY WEEK will take place in Bucharest, on the anniversary of 10 years since the launching of Assamblage and the start of a new jewelry community in Romania. An effervescent week with fairs, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and guided tours, ROJW will bring Bucharest alongside other big cities in the world that have dedicated an event to the field of contemporary jewelry, like Milan, Athens, Munich, Barcelona and New York.
ROMANIAN JEWELRY WEEK is officially launched as an international annual event that will have a permanent platform for promotion and sale, constituting an important instrument in growing and supporting the creative community of contemporary jewelry designers and promoting them nationally and internationally.

Application deadlines:
> Romanian artists: 10th January 2020
> International artists: 7th February 2020

The six days of the event will host:
  • the main jewelry fair of ROJW held in the main location – ARCUB Bucharest
  • international partners exhibitions and Assamblage #10Years retrospective
  • conferences, panels and debates dedicated to the field of contemporary jewelry
  • jewelry design and techniques workshops held by Assamblage School
  • capsule exhibitions, launches and guided tours in galleries, museums and cultural locations in Bucharest.
ROJW will bring together established and emerging designers alike, wishing to strengthen the creative community in Romania and worldwide by engaging, in addition to artists from related fields, art galleries, museums, workshops and alternative spaces.
The Application is opened to:
  1. Jewelry designers - Emerging and established designers alike, from Romania and worldwide, that activate in the field of contemporary jewelry.
  2. Institutions and collectives - Schools, galleries, museums, jewelry weeks, event organizers and other related institutions worldwide. They will be hosted in dedicated spaces in the main location of ROJW.
For terms and conditions of application, as well as other information, please click >>> here.

About Assamblage: 
Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School was founded in October 2010 at the initiative of designer David Sandu as the first educational platform in Romania dedicated to jewelry design and a foundation for a new generation of contemporary jewelry designers and artists rising to international standards. Today, together with a dedicated national association, Assamblage is the most active platform in Romania dedicated to the craft and design of contemporary jewelry, developing between 2015 and 2019 over 25 national and international projects and exhibitions worldwide, including over 50 Romanian and international artists.
Andreia Gabriela Popescu. Necklace: Found.Lost.Found, 2016. Bronze, Corian.. 30 x 30 x 2 cm. Photo by: Alexandru Boghian. Andreia Gabriela Popescu
Necklace: Found.Lost.Found, 2016
Bronze, Corian.
30 x 30 x 2 cm
Photo by: Alexandru Boghian
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Teodora Rus. Necklace: Untitled, 2016. Sterling silver, resin.. 10 x 5 x 3 cm. Teodora Rus
Necklace: Untitled, 2016
Sterling silver, resin.
10 x 5 x 3 cm
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Luiza Teodorescu. Necklace: Camera Lucida, 2018. Silver, bronze, textile.. 3 x 1.5 x 15 cm. Photo by: Mediaholic Studio. Luiza Teodorescu
Necklace: Camera Lucida, 2018
Silver, bronze, textile.
3 x 1.5 x 15 cm
Photo by: Mediaholic Studio
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Arcub Gabroveni: Main location of ROJW 2020. Photo credits: ARCUB..
Arcub Gabroveni: Main location of ROJW 2020. Photo credits: ARCUB.

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