Position for a Lecturer in Silversmithing & Jewellery at the Glasgow School of Art

Open call  /  ProfessionalPractice  /  22 Jun 2017  -  07 Jul 2017
Published: 22.06.2017
Position for a Lecturer in Silversmithing & Jewellery at the Glasgow School of Art.
Glasgow School of Art
Anna Gordon
DEADLINE: 07/07/2017

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This position is to teach across 4 year groups of the BA (hons) programme. Applicants would have an undergraduate degree or equivalent specialising in Silversmithing & Jewellery.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a high level of professional experience which will include working in a higher education institution. You should also have an awareness and understanding of current debates, trends and issues relating to the subject.

The role will involve an appropriate balance of teaching, assessment, related administration and research, cultural exchange and curriculum development. The role will also involve supporting international students across the School of Design. The focus of the teaching and related activity will be in the area of Silversmithing & Jewellery.

Principal Accountabilities
- Managing developments and change in the curriculum in order to maintain and extend academic excellence.
- Maintaining knowledge of developments in learning and teaching and maintaining a reflective and critical view.
- Actively linking the work of the studio and critical inquiry to external markets – locally, nationally and internationally.
- Maintaining currency of knowledge in relation to Silversmithing and Jewellery Design in order to help maintain the relevance of the courses.
- Successfully balancing the diverse aspects of a Lecturer’s role.

Main Duties
Based within the department Silversmithing & Jewellery duties include:

- To work as part of a team of academics and technical staff and be flexible and supportive of all School of Design activity (and GSA-wide).
- To deliver the curriculum to assure maximum student potential is achieved - teaching on the BA Honours Design undergraduate program.
- To support the studio tuition of one or more undergraduate year groups.
- To be actively involved in the development of learning support materials.
- To contribute to the activities in the Department e.g. curriculum development, participating in quality assurance procedures, programme promotion, maintain and develop industry relations, record keeping and student assessment.
- To assist in the recruitment, selection and admission of students.
- To attend appropriate training courses when required as part of the School’s academic development practices.
- To lead/assist in the mounting and installation of exhibitions –  departmental and/or student exhibitions.
- Involvement in educational visits/trips, activities and exhibitions as directed by theHead of Department.
- To be responsive to individual student and/or group requirements.
- Undertaking any other activities commensurate with the post.
- The pursuit of continuous personal and professional development, thereby contributing to the profile of GSA and student experience via curriculum delivery.
- Creating and developing links between the Departments in the School through contributions to cross-school research projects, teaching and curriculum development.
- Undertaking research to develop the research profile of the School.

Other duties will also include:
- Ensuring compliance with School and GSA policies and procedures and statutory requirements (e.g. the Data Protection Act, Race Equality).
- Cooperation and compliance with Health and Safety responsibilities, to ensure the health and safety of self, as well as that of the students.

- Working closely with other academic colleagues within S & J, with other colleagues within the School of Design, GSA as a whole.
- Working with admin, support and technical staff.
- With working groups within the School of Art.

- Working closely with relevant external professional bodies.
- Development of international relationships through professional practice.

Person Specification
Experience / qualifications

- An undergraduate degree or equivalent specialising in Silversmithing & Jewellery.
- A high level of professional experience (may include study at Masters or PhD level) which will include working in a higher education institution.
- Awareness and understanding of current debates, trends and issues relating to the subject.
- Broad knowledge of Jewellery design techniques and materials investigation.
- Active researcher with a proven track record in the field of Silversmithing & Jewellery.
- Experience of Teaching within HE sector

Other Skills
- IT skills – a working knowledge of word processing, email and presentation software packages.
- Knowledge of a range of drawing techniques, relevant media and applications (e.g. RHINO, CAD).

Skills and attributes
This role involves interaction with a wide range of staff, students and external contacts. The post holder should be able to demonstrate the following attributes and interpersonal skills.

- Strong team-working and collaboration skills.
- Ability to actively engage in creative problem solving e.g. devising project briefs and monitoring of student creative activity in the same respect.
- Understanding of current debates, trends and issues relating to the subject.
- Adaptability and ability to adjust to the needs of a changing environment.
- High level of creative interpersonal skills for teaching in a studio environment.
- Strong communication skills.
- Enthusiasm for learning and teaching within creative practice.
- Personal drive and desire to develop new areas of research and educationalactivity, which may include cross school activity.
- Adaptability and multi-disciplinary outlook to work with staff and students in different Departments across the School.
- Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity.
- Commitment to equal opportunities and widening participation.

Contract: Permanent
Probationary Period: It is recognised that there is an inevitable ‘settling in’ period in any post. The probationary period is therefore an opportunity for the employee to fit within the culture of the School. It should also be determined during this time whether the job is in line with expectations as expressed in pre-appointment discussions, interview and as set out in the Job Description. The probation period for this role is 12 months.
Salary Grade: 7 £37,075 - £46,924 per annum
Hours: 17.5 hours per week
Holidays: 35 days plus 11 statutory holidays per annum
Pension: Option to join the Teachers Pension Scheme
Notice Period: 3 months