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Post Graduate Residential Course at Bishopsland Educational Trust

Open call  /  Critical Thinking   Education   Making  /  04 Apr 2017  -  30 Apr 2017
Published: 04.04.2017
Bishopsland Educational Trust
Penelope Makower
DEADLINE: 31/05/2017
Current jeweller/silversmith on the 2016-2017 course.
Current jeweller/silversmith on the 2016-2017 course

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Bishopsland is an internationally recognised, post graduate residential course which provides equal concentration on silversmithing and jewellery skills and the business skills needed to be able to work successfully as a self-employed maker. This integrated approach makes the course unique.
Bishopsland is committed to craftsmanship, innovation and helping makers to be sustainable, we offer a 46 week intensive training course in design, technical and business skills.

Bishopsland is about the pursuit of excellence in contemporary silver. Our achievements are those of our Fellows, several of whom have award winning and international careers. Key emerging names in contemporary silver include Ndidi Ekubia, Theresa Nguyen, Miriam Hanid, Bryony Knox and Lin Cheung.

The cost of a one year residential course at Bishopsland should not be prohibitive to any talented emerging silversmith or jeweller. There are bursaries available to help support members of the course in financial needs.


Maximum course size is 14 and is highly competitive. Need either a degree in metal work, jewellery or similar standard. Bishopsland was founded 24 years ago and supports talented, emerging silversmiths & jewellers to turn their talent into a career.


September 25th 2017 - August 10th 2018

Workshops 10 am - 10 pm.
Silversmith experts twice a week.
Masterclasses at the experts studios.
Malcolm Appleby Masterclass in Perthshire.
Malcolm Appleby Masterclass in Perthshire

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Work produced during a Rod Kelly Masterclass.
Work produced during a Rod Kelly Masterclass

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Work produced by a current silversmith/jeweller.
Work produced by a current silversmith/jeweller

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