Open Call for the 2nd Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial Competition

Open call  /  18 Jan 2018  -  21 May 2018
Published: 18.01.2018
Open Call for the 2nd Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial Competition.
Joyeros Argentinos
Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández
Jorge Castañón, Fabiana Gadano, Graciela Lescano, Mabel Pena
Laura Giusti, Paula Isola
DEADLINE: 21/05/2018

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From September 14th until November 4th 2018 we celebrate Latin American contemporary jewelry. The call for the Second Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial generated by Joyeros Argentinos and Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, will give place to a number of activities associated with contemporary jewelry that will spread throughout the city of Buenos Aires, and different points in cities of the suburbs and provinces of Argentina: there will be days for reflection, exhibitions, workshops, interviews, talks and conferences. Apply it by 21st of May.
The central focus of the month of contemporary jewelry in Latin America is the Latin American contest that in this edition invites you to work on the theme "Neighbours".

II Bienal Latinoamericana de Joyería Contemporánea, the Second Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial Competition organized by Joyeros Argentinos (Argentine Jewelers) and Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández (José Hernández Folk Art Museum) .

Key dates:
21st of May: deadline for registration
21st of May: deadline for receiving photographs
29th of May and 30th of May: selection jury meeting
4th of June: notification of the selected artists
5th of June to 29th of June: delivery the piece at the museum (Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm)
29th of June: payment of the participation fee
10th of July: the announcement of the competition results
14th of September: awarding, exhibition of winning and finalists pieces
14th of September to 4th of November: exhibition opens to the public

"Associated with each other through physical or conceptual proximity, people, countries, colours, ideas, objects, recognize each other as neighbours.
To say neighbour is to say proximity and border, bond and separation, similarity and difference.
Neighbours permanently play to touch and not touch limits, that real or imaginary line, pampered and resisted, that must not be crossed, on which attention and tension are concentrated.
Similarities between neighbours are more easily recognized by strangers: their own ones are usually too concentrated on the differences. Between moss green and leaf 
green, there can be a world of discordances that fades in front of red.
The neighbourhood repels and accompanies, annoys and helps, attacks you and shows solidarity. The neighbour rescues you from loneliness, points you out in front of authority, asks you to take care of the house, drills the boundary wall while you are taking a nap, rescues you in a fire, bothers you with insufferable music, leaves you their garbage, lends you the blender, alerts you about danger, confronts you because of politics.
Painful memories too near to luminous memories, flowers protected by the leafy treetop, shadows more defined when more intense the contrasting light, necessary neighbourhoods, inevitable, implicit, that at times we sometimes thank and other times curse.
is the theme that we chose for this second edition of the Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry."
/Laura Giusti

This event has been “Declared of Interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Republic”.

The theme of the competition is: “Neighbours”, and can be approached by each creator from a free perspective.

A jury of prominent personalities from the field of art and in particular from contemporary jewelry will make a selection of the received material. To participate in the show and in the catalogue, presentations must strictly comply with the guidelines of these rules. If pieces do not comply with the instructions, or the photograph does not have the characteristics described here below, they will not be considered.

The criteria used by the jury for the selection of participating jewels will be:
            •          Relation of the piece with the proposed theme
            •          Creativity and innovation in developing the theme
            •          Creativity and innovation in the use of materials
            •          Design
            •          Quality in manufacturing
            •          Relation of the piece with the body

The organization, in the person of Laura Giusti, will officiate as a seer during the selection and awarding during the contest, in order to ensure impartiality and transparency of the entire process. There will be two instances with participation of the jury: selection and awarding.
The jury for selection and awards will be composed by the following outstanding personalities in contemporary Latin American art and jewelry:

Selection Jury
The members of the selection jury are of Argentine nationality.
·        Mabel Pena (contemporary jeweler, teacher, JA curator)
·        Gabriela Squassini (contemporary jeweler and architect)
·        Tali Wasserman (contemporary jeweler and teacher)
·        Graciela Lescano (contemporary jeweler, teacher, JA curator)
·        Paula Isola (contemporary jeweler, designer and curator)
Jury for Awards
·        Felicitas Luna (Argentina, director of the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández)
·        Leda Daverio (Argentina, contemporary jeweler, visual artist and teacher)
·        Nuria Carulla (Colombia, contemporary jeweler and teacher)
·        Jorge Manilla (Mexico, contemporary jeweler, teacher and artist)
·        Jorge Castañón (Argentina, contemporary jeweler, teacher, JA curator)
·        Fabiana Gadano (Argentina, contemporary jeweler, teacher, JA curator)

The following prizes and recognitions will be awarded:

1st prize
  • A personal individual exhibition at the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández.
  • Communicational Coaching-Clinic + A press promotion campaign (of 20 days) by Simkin & Franco for the personal exhibition at the Museum.
  • Half a kilogram of silver shot, courtesy of VILMET.
  • Award certificate. 
2nd prize
  • A purchase order for 5000 pesos for tools at Herramientas Daniel.
  • A gas torch, courtesy of tools FMR herramientas.
  • A needle polisher, courtesy of tools FMR herramientas.
  • Award certificate.
3rd prize
  • A gas torch, courtesy of tools FMR herramientas.
  • A photographic session with Pablo Mehanna.
  • A purchase order for 3000 pesos at Yavic.
  • A small Dremel drill with 10 accessories, courtesy of “casa W”.
  • Award certificate.
Joyeros Argentinos Contemporary Argentine Jewel Prize
(exclusive for participant born in Argentina or residing Argentina)
  • An exhibition stands at the Feria de Artesanías (Craft Fair) to take place at the Rural (December 2018).
  • Inclusion and membership in Joyeros Argentinos (Argentine Jewelers) during a year.
  • An online exhibition in Joyeros Argentinos´website.
  • A photographic session with Geraldine Richter.
  • Award certificate.
The jury will select three special mentions. Each one will receive:
  • A purchase order for 1000 pesos at Julio Metales
  • Award certificate.
Special mention of the Jury
If it were necessary to highlight a work outside the provided prizes and mentions, the jury may decide to award a “Special mention of the Jury”. The winner will receive an Award Certificate.

Public´s choice award
The public attending the exhibition will be able to register their choice. When the exhibition closes, the most voted piece will receive an Award Certificate.
Each prize will be awarded to a different artist. The jury will decide who will be awarded each prize and the decision is final.

Exhibition and Prize-awarding
The selected and the prize-winning jewels will be exhibited at the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Av. del Libertador 2373, (1425) City of Buenos Aires, in the website of Joyeros Argentinos, and in the itinerant shows that will take place during 2019.
The selected and the prize-winning jewels will be included in the catalogue of the Second Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial “Neighbours”.
The exhibition in the Museum will open on the 14th of September at 6 p.m. and will remain open to the public until the 4th of November.
The online exhibition on the website of Joyeros Argentinos will be permanent as of its publication.

Please click here for the complete terms and rules, which can be read and downloaded from the site.


The call is open to all creators of contemporary jewelry, Latin American professionals or students, without limits of the place of residence, or foreigners with more than three years of residence in Latin America.
Countries included in this call:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guyana, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela.