Open Call for abstracts: WoSoF 1st World Symposium for Fashion, Jewellery, Accessories

Open call  /  25 Oct 2018  -  10 Nov 2018
Published: 25.10.2018

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The conference will take place on the 16th of December 2018 in Shanghai in Tongji D&I and How Art Museum Design Center. It is a unique opportunity to share research and foster scientific discussion related to the topic of Jewellery and Fashion Artefact Design.
The College of Design and Innovation Tongji University Shanghai, is hosting and organizing, with the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, French Institute of Fashion Paris, Geneva School of Art and Design, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, an international symposium dedicated to the topic of fashion, jewellery and fashion artifact design.

Central Question:
How jewellery and fashion artefacts represent fashion?

Authors are invited to submit an abstract in one of the following tracks:
1. Sustainability and New Technology
2. Design, Art, Craftsmanship and Culture
3. Curation and Management

_ The language of the conference is English and submissions must be in English.
_ Submissions will be published in the proceedings if (at least one of) the authors register to the conference to present the work.
_ Submissions that do not comply with the submission rules will be excluded from the evaluation process and proceedings publication.
_ The abstract should be no longer than 500 words and it should include the main bibliographical references.
Succeed Applicant will be invited to represent on the WoSoF Symposium in Tongji D&I Shanghai with covered Flights and Accommodation.


Aim of WoSoF:
Fashion’s studies often include a discussion of garment art and design, textile technology and craftsmanship, gender theory, matriarchy, patriarchy, and more generally, what proponents describe as the social, historical, and cultural constructions of clothes from the textile perspective. Although 65 % profits of the fashion luxury industries are made by the jewellery and accessories production. These studies usually do not pay attention to the jewellery and accessories from a fashion and design perspective.

Studies of jewellery and accessories on the other hand, generally focus on aspects of history, old-fashioned craftsmanship and technique, and material science. However, very few studies explicitly take a contemporary theoretical and methodology (more contextual / philosophical) perspective from the art, design and fashion, researching how meaning is produced and what is the position of representing fashion from those artefacts (jewellery, handbag, shoes, hat, glasses and so on) on body rather than garment and textile.

WoSoF (World Symposium of Fashion and Jewellery Design) therefore proposes to step into the great potential to set a program with international networks, and connect both jewellery and accessories design, fashion’s studies and practice, to fill this gap. It takes fashion’s studies as a context to look at the jewellery and accessories art design practice, history, curation and management, and see how this perspective influences, gives new meaning and possibilities to fashion and design development.

Position of WoSoF:
First, the WoSoF Board and Symposium, cross-sector international collaboration will well set up, whereas is a nodal point of the networked global society. it not only brings the quality view of study and practice, stimulates new developments fashion and design, but also seem as a click for putting the partner’s reputation and impact into a wider attention for potential future collaboration. It indicates that as a phenomenon and mobility strong opinion, to activate notions of contemporary fashion to this day.
Second, the WoSoF Exhibition (or activity), Develop and Promoting Public Interest, aim to reach the widest possible audience not only the academic world but also in creative industry hot spots cities worldwide and therefore increases the educational , cultural and social significance of contemporary fashion, to give the potential of connecting impact, supply and demand more successfully.

WoSoF Board:
The knowledge and concepts deriving from the WoSoF are expected to improve the understanding of contemporary fashion shapes and is shaped by jewellery and fashion artefact (accessories). In order to succeed in the result of WoSoF, the strategy has been considered from the three parts: WoSoF Symposium, WoSoF Exhibition, WoSoF Publication.

To enhance the international networking between world university college or collaborative cultural institutes, the 1st WoSoF Board Members:

College of Design and Innovation / Tongji University Shanghai ( Tongji D&I ).
Superior Design Centre of Madrid / Polytechnic University of Madrid ( UPM ).
French Institute of Fashion ( IFM Paris ).
Geneva School of Art and Design ( HEAD – Genève ).
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts ( TAFA ).

About Tongji D&I :
College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University, is one of the world’s leading design colleges. The overall goal of the college is to establish an international, innovative, forward-looking and research-oriented world-class college of design, with a great sense of the mission of the era, an international perspective and native characteristics. The New Centre of Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Culture (NoCC) at Tongji (D&I) is an international think-tank (the only one of its kind in China) to unite the powerful resources of the university and the contemporary design and art community. It is built on the scholarly and institutional resources of D&I Tongji University, and also explores the practice, culture, industry and management of jewellery from the cultural, educational and research perspectives, and develops creative leadership with cultural entrepreneurs.
Shanghai night view..
Shanghai night view.

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A diagram of the WoSoF..
A diagram of the WoSoF.

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