I compare my approach to contemporary jewellery with my relationship to litterature; I enjoy the storytelling, the plot and the communication between the maker and the wearer. Interview with Hilde Dramstad by Klimt02

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Published: 14.12.2023
Hilde Dramstad. Necklace: The Night of May, 2018. Silver, formica, toy and cottonstring. . 35 x 10 x 3 cm. Hilde Dramstad
Necklace: The Night of May, 2018
Silver, formica, toy and cottonstring. 
35 x 10 x 3 cm
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New Klimt02 member Hilde Dramstad outlines the importance of storytelling and literature in relation to her jewellery design practice. She also explains the influence of childhood memories on her unique choice of materials and techniques.