If it does not fit the concept, wearability can be overlooked to ensure the artistic idea is fulfilled. Christian Bürger interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 30.09.2019
Christian Bürger. Pendant: Warning Choking Hazard, 2019. 18k gold.. 0.7 Ø x  0.07 cm. Photo by: Christian Bürger. Christian Bürger
Pendant: Warning Choking Hazard, 2019
18k gold.
0.7 Ø x 0.07 cm
Photo by: Christian Bürger
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Modern techniques are often used to create models. The production and the final touch are then handmade. Technology plays an important role in my work, as new techniques are used to create new ways to implement ideas. This also includes a cost perspective, where a concept may be too expensive to implement without modern approaches.