The most intriguing of them all is the ability to design a piece and have it worn in different locations. Constantinos Papadoukas interviewed by Popeye loves Olive Art Space

Published: 08.10.2018
Constantinos Papadoukas Constantinos Papadoukas
Popeye loves Olive Art Space
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Constantinos Papadoukas. Ring: Untitled, 2018. Silver 925, burned olive.. 7 x 5 x 12 cm. Photo by: Conctantinos Papadoukas. From series: Tenebris. Constantinos Papadoukas
Ring: Untitled, 2018
Silver 925, burned olive.
7 x 5 x 12 cm
Photo by: Conctantinos Papadoukas
From series: Tenebris
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2018 will be the first year that Popeye loves Olive Art Space will represent 9 Greek artists at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair in Spain, in order to show the diversity of creativity in the city of Athens. This is the 3rd part of 9 interviews made by Popeye loves Olive Art Space.

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Was jewelry the first choice in your career?  If not, from which field do you come from and what led you to jewelry? 
Initially a trained sculptor, my art revolved around large scale fabricated sculptures and installations. During my path as an evolving artist the dimensions of my work continuously shrank, until reaching ornament size and then becoming as small as to be worn. The concepts the pursued me still do, yet in a more condensed way. This being one of the reasons I turned to jewelry, the other being the ability to have an art piece worn and shown in different locations.

What is the thing that fascinates you in what we call art jewelry? 
As mentioned earlier the limited dimensions are a challenge for me, a trained fabricator, a challenge with many benefits. The most intriguing of them all is the ability to design a piece and have it worn in different locations, seen by different people every time. Through this ability your notions are transferred further and in a more diverse audience.

Which of your pieces made you feel that you’ve reached your greatest inspirational moment? What does it mean to you? 
I think there can only be one answer to this question; is there greatest, perfect, requiring no further growth? I believe for any artist the completion of any piece signifies the birth of new questions and challenges, mistakes that have to be addressed. In response to the question, many pieces have filled the void of creativity in my career, but only momentarily.

Which of your collections will be represented by Popeye loves Olive Art Space in Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects fair this October in Spain? Tell us a few words about it. 
Tenebris. This particular collection is an evolution of the reBirth collection. It focuses on the distraction of the natural environment and specifically comments on the recent wildfires in the Attika region. The purpose of the collection is not the creation of “beautiful” objects but a homage to what was lost, what will never walk again, but also on rebirth. The pieces touch upon the notion of life and death, hope and despair.
The primary medium of the collection is salvaged wood from the devastated areas as well as silver which stands as the imperishable memory and symbol of rebirth.
Part of the income from Tenebris collection will be donated to organizations assisting on the affected areas.