Featured: Maria Cristina Bellucci 2014 - research, reflections and new viewpoints

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Published: 28.01.2015
Featured: Maria Cristina Bellucci 2014 - research, reflections and new viewpoints.
Sanna Svedestedt
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Maria Cristina Bellucci was one of the most visited members of the Klimt02 Community during 2014. Here Cristina answers a few questions about her work and what she has planned for 2015.
Hi Maria!

What have been your highlights during 2014?

I have worked very intensively during the past few years; in 2014 I felt the need to slow down to give time for reflection. I devoted myself to the research, looking for new stimulus and new viewpoints.  One of the most enjoyable experiences of the year was working on a special international commission.
Could you tell us a little about what you are working on right now?
I am experimenting with several new ideas and I am preparing for a solo exhibition of my work and a photo book. With the pencils I am now searching for new expressive potential, as I have done here in my new piece 13 sketch bra 1.

Maria Cristina Bellucci, bracelet: 13 sketch bra 1, 2013. Silver, coloured pencils.

The way color-pencils have been used conveys a new flavor to the work; the piece is perceived in a way that is very different from the previous work, it somehow evokes the idea of a sketch. Furthermore, I am trying new ideas also on silver and other more ordinary materials; they fascinates me because they hold a strong potential of being transformed.
You live and work in Rome. How do you experience the climate for art jewellery in Rome today?
Rome doesn’t offer an easy climate for contemporary jewellery. There are several artists in Rome that I appreciate, and I am glad to know them and share opinions and ideas with them. Communicating with them is always very constructive and stimulating, but they are only a limited number of people; I believe that here in Rome we possibly lack awareness in contemporary jewellery. Internet is surely a stronger point of reference for me, I constantly follow all the many events related to the international jewellery world.
What would you say is your major driving force for working as an artist?
I love my work and I feel that this is what I always wanted to do. I believe that everyone should have a passion for what they do. Creativity and manual ability are very important skills to work with and are the means I use to express myself in wholeness. When mind and body are well trained and cooperate together they produce harmony. Harmony should be spread and shared. This is the essence of what being an artist is for me.

Is there anything you didn’t do in 2014 that you will make sure is realized during 2015? 
I’d like to publish a photo book on the retrospective of my work, in a e-book format.
Maria Cristina Bellucci. Necklace: 14 dodecahedron 1, 2014. Felissimo coloured pencils, elastic.. L: 92 cm; pendant: 8 cm. Maria Cristina Bellucci
Necklace: 14 dodecahedron 1, 2014
Felissimo coloured pencils, elastic.
L: 92 cm; pendant: 8 cm
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