Interview with Annamária Mikulik

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Published: 08.02.2016
Interview with Annamária Mikulik.
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Some universal patterns may appear, but general, it's hard to create same piece of work every time, even when you try to do it the same way again and again.
Do you think that jewelery is being standardized? What is there of local and universal in your artistic work?
Everyone is perceiving the world in his own way. Trying to express himself in every step of his own life differently. I'm overwhelmed, how many different ideas and points of view can each one have. Some universal patterns may appear, but general, it's hard to create same piece of work every time, even when you try to do it the same way again and again.

What do you expect when you expose your work to the general public (for example in an art exhibition)?
Exposing my contemporary jewelery to general public, is the way how to express further aesthecic emotions. Sharing your inner world and individual deep feelings, the way of escaping from real life into the life of imagination and virtual reality. It's also the way how you can notice the plurality in a way how observers percieve your work and how it resonates differently in everyone.

Are there any other aspects besides the jewellery, present in your work?
My work is influenced by many factors. I wanted to be a jeweller since my early childhood. As a child, I mastered the basic techniques of enameling. Then, my life changed its ways and I started to study toys and conceptual design. In every field of these studies, I gained a lot of very useful skills, playfulness and the way of thinking out of box, which are now being expressed in my jewellery.

The last work, book, film, city that has moved me was...
European Capital of Culture 2013 - Košice / Eastern Slovakia / is the place with exceptional „genius loci“, a great source of inspiration, wonderful fancy exhibitions.. It's worth to be a part of such events.
The book which inspired me, was: Second life of Marina G., writen by Vladimira Klimecka. The book depicts the way of life, which is very simmilar to way of life of my ancestors.
The movie Black Swan, 2010 - was also an inspiring movie, full of paradox moments, with beautiful scenes and powerful expressions.

A place, space, country whose creativity surprises me...
During my studies, I visited many countries and experienced the influence of different cultures. Even though, I always felt myself to be related with the land of my ancestors. There are still many mysteries awaiting for their discovery in history of Slovaks and inhabitants of Tatra mountain regions. In the near future, I would like to unravel some of those forgotten mysteries and use some of these discoveries in aspects of my work.

Is there any designer, jeweller, artist, you appreciate a lot?
Bety K. Majernikova

What piece or work has given you the most satisfaction?
I gained a lot of proffesional experiences and rejoice from last collection inspired by the work “nature - fake illusions“. It helped me to find the new techniques and was a great source of inspiration for my further progress.

Do you read Jewellery Magazines? What is your source to get information?
My great source of professional information are the modern technologies. I'm also being inspired by various modern lifestyle or fashion magazines.

Do you discuss your work with other jewellery artists or any other person?
Art is a tradition in my family. So, my main supporters, critics, colleagues and teachers - in one person, are always very close relatives, which are always there for me, ready to help me and discuss several topics.

What is your first thought when you hear the word Future?, What do you expect for?
There are many opportunities nowadays, in today's global world. Possibilities in communication, exchange of information, reading other's opinions and sharing own experiences. These facts move my professional life further to new horizons.

Annamária Mikulik. Earrings: nature - fake illusions, 2015. Silver, plastic.. 2 x 2 x 30 cm. Annamária Mikulik
Earrings: nature - fake illusions, 2015
Silver, plastic.
2 x 2 x 30 cm
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