More People Want to Have their Own Special Jewelry. Interview with Hongmeng Luo by Klimt02

Published: 15.12.2020
Hongmeng Luo. Necklace: I see Aurora on your Body, 2020. Titanium, 925 silver.. 12 x 5 x 50 cm. Photo by: Galaxia Wang. On body.. Hongmeng Luo
Necklace: I see Aurora on your Body, 2020
Titanium, 925 silver.
12 x 5 x 50 cm
Photo by: Galaxia Wang

On body.

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I am trying to make works by different technology and material processing methods, the combination of digital technology and traditional craft. [...] I hope to make my work not only with contemporary concepts but also wearable, [...] and as a kind of wearable art, contemporary jewelry can bring the wearer and viewer a feeling of the beauty of art.