Hongmeng Luo

Published: 23.11.2020
Hongmeng Luo Hongmeng Luo


After graduating from the Geneva University of Art and Design with my master's degree, I returned to China to continue my jewelry creation and also teach jewelry design courses. My works have been exhibited in Europe and China. I am inspired by what I saw and thought when traveling in different countries. I like the fine and regular forms and make my works by combining different techniques.


Jewelry is a kind of wearable art. I intend to bring the beauty of art to the wearer and the viewer through my works inspired by my own experiences. Jewelry is also a medium to convey personal emotion. I hope to build a fantastic world with my works that may let wearer and viewer have a wonderful dream.

About On the road
This series was made by metal crocheting during my travel in Europe.
Metal crocheting is not limited by space and environment. I often do crocheting during a long journey. In this series, I used silver wire to connect with materials collected during the journey. The silver wire is shining with warm light, connected with beautiful objects, reflecting my memories on the way.

About I'm carrying a bag, I'm wearing a dress, I'm wearing a hat
The inspiration for this series comes from the scenes in Alice's Wonderland. I use metal to weave clothes, shoes, and bags for dolls, which people can wear for dolls or as jewelry. When people pick up items from the doll's house and wear them as jewelry, the wearer is like drinking a magnifying potion in Alice's Wonderland.

About I see the aurora in your body
The inspiration for this series comes from the aurora, a colorful natural wonder that only appears in the Arctic in winter, which is a rare natural phenomenon, so seeing Aurora symbolizes luck. If this wonderful picture can appear around us at any time, what kind of fantastic scene will it be? The whole work is very light as if floating in the sky with the body swing Aurora, bringing a dreamlike immersive experience.

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Exhibition  26 Sep 2021 - 06 Oct 2021  Shape of Nature 2021. Selected artist list announced.
Exhibition  07 Jun 2020 - 01 Sep 2020  Pop-up Gallery Exhibition: Brave New Field.
Meeting  01 Mar 2020 - 30 May 2020  Person-to-Person Transmission.
Exhibition  07 Dec 2019 - 13 Dec 2019  Iteration. What do they do after graduation?.

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Book:  Shape of Nature. Sun, HermanChina Humanities Publishing House:  Hong Kong,  2022