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Published: 28.05.2018
Macha Poirier Macha Poirier
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Macha Poirier. Piece: Shell Back Adornment (1), 2017. Leather, suede, gold leaves, magnets, porcupine spines.. 76 x 26 x 13 cm. Photo by: Juliette Berny. From series: Hystrix. Alternative view.. Macha Poirier
Piece: Shell Back Adornment (1), 2017
Leather, suede, gold leaves, magnets, porcupine spines.
76 x 26 x 13 cm
Photo by: Juliette Berny
From series: Hystrix

Alternative view.

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Today, I'm out of my comfort zone and I'm also a visual artist, a wearable art creator. And finally, no matter what I am, or if I'm all of that at the same time, as long as I've found my means of expression and its support, which remains and will remain the body.
Do you think that jewellery is being standardized? What is there of local and universal in your artistic work?
I don't think jewelry is being standardized. Contrary to that, if it was for a long time a symbol of pomp, an ornament of wealth and power, of commitment or even a protective totem, today it can have a completely different meaning. The one the artist wants to give to it. Jewellery today can reveal itself as a true means of expression, and become more than a symbol, a message. Can a cannonball at the ankle be turned into a jewel? Then, we can question ourselves: what is the exact definition of jewelry? From all times and from all peoples, each has appropriated its definition and meaning. Today, I appropriate mine, and I made the choice, like other contemporary artists, to break codes and conventions of classic jewelry.
What is "local" in my artistic work is certainly the French technique of jewellery that I learned in Paris. I don't think my art has any other "local" dimension than this one. My creations are the expression of my feelings, my emotions, my internal world. It’s necessarily influenced by what directly surrounds me, but my messages are universal. Does the notion of locality, territory or geography really matter when it comes to the art and materialization of a thought, an idea?

What do you expect when exposing your work to the public (for example with an exhibition)?
I have not yet had the chance to exhibit my work publicly. However, what I expect from such a revelation of my creations is a reciprocity between the public and myself, an exchange. I try to touch the person in the heart, to make them feel emotions, and no matter if it’s positive or negative, because if that is the case, reciprocity has worked.

Are other areas besides the jewellery, present in your work?
It’s certain that my field of predilection and that for which I was trained is jewellery. But after question, myself on the notion of portability of the jewel, its meaning, its message, I came to create pieces more and more contemporary, and less and less conventional. Today, I'm out of my comfort zone and I'm also a visual artist, a wearable art creator. And finally, no matter what I am, or if I'm all of that at the same time, as long as I've found my means of expression and its support, which remains and will remain the body.

The last work, book, film, city that has moved me was...
The last work that spoke to me a lot was Juan Harnie's Syringe Brooch in Inhorgenta, Munich. Simple and effective, it carries a strong message that touches my heart as a former nurse I used to be.
The last book that moved me? There are several, Mathias Malzieu and La mécanique du Coeur for his very singular and assumed dreamlike universe, La grammaire est une chanson douce by Erik Orsenna for his way of bringing words to life, or Cecelia Ahern and her Merci pour les souvenirs, a lesson on life and hope.
The last film that left me perplexed so much it upset me is Denis Villeneuve's Premier Contact, a fantastic melodrama praising communication and exchange.
The last city that moved me was Vilnius in Lithuania. A form of courage and battle for this city that reveals itself today in a new light, and where artistic curiosities and points of interest are visible and assumed at every street corner.

A place, space, country whose creativity surprises me...
I love travelling, discovering new things, and I am very curious by nature. So necessarily, it’s difficult to select only one place, country or space that surprises me. I could again mention Vilnius in Lithuania, or the island of Bali, on which many villages specialize in a particular craft - the city of cabinetmakers, the city of stone carvers, the city of jewelers... What a joy to travel the roads from town to town to discover the local practices of the rich Balinese crafts.

Is there any designer, jeweller, artist, you appreciate a lot? 
It’s also a hard question! There are a lot of artists I like. I will mention Ted Noten, Bart Hess or Gijs Bakker, models for me by their singularity and the assumed side of their own style.

What piece or work has given you the most satisfaction?  
Each of my projects touches me and brings me something, because they are stories that I tell, mine or those of people who have marked me. However, I think that the collection that has brought me the most satisfaction is Hystrix. Not by its theme or its realization, but by its outcome after more than a year of research, prototypes, tests, retouching... The collaboration with my photographer Juliette Berny allowed us to sublimate the scenography during the shooting in the studio.

Do you read Jewellery Magazines ? What is your source to get information ? 
I don't really read jewelry magazines, but I read a lot of newsletters (like Kilmt02's !). I keep informed of current events in the world of contemporary jewelry through international fairs, social networks, but also other designers, jewelers or not. 

Do you discuss your work with other jewellery artists or any other person? 
Yes, of course, I do ! I talk a lot about my work to my future husband! Although not from the artistic world, he’s my muse, my first fan but also my mentor. He dares to tell me things, supports me, and allows me to move forward and develop myself as an artist. Of course, I also talk about my work with other artists, notably my photographer and friend Juliette Berny, my best friend who works at the Ministry of Culture of France, or former colleagues of AFEDAP for example.

What is your first thought when you hear the word Future ? What do you expect for ? 
When I hear the word future, I hear unexpected or surprise. We don't know what tomorrow's made of. Then I will not know what my future will be, nor what I expect. What I know is that today, I’m fighting to make my work known to the world, I don’t give up in the face of difficulties or refusals, and we’ll see what happen with perseverance! Anyway, I don't have any awards, famous prizes or winning exhibitions, but I have just been accepted as a member of a community that I read every day, and for me, it's already a lot. Maybe it’s just the beginning ? Thank you Klimt02 !

Macha Poirier. Set: Protectives Ring and Handcuff, 2017. Brass, porcupine spines.. 7 x 6,5 x 0,8 cm , 18 x 14 x 4 cm. Photo by: Juliette Berny. From series: Hystrix. Alternative view ring.. Macha Poirier
Set: Protectives Ring and Handcuff, 2017
Brass, porcupine spines.
7 x 6,5 x 0,8 cm , 18 x 14 x 4 cm
Photo by: Juliette Berny
From series: Hystrix

Alternative view ring.

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