If you see my works in the past years, they are actually non-regional and boundless. Molly Wang interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 05.12.2019
Molly Wang. Necklace: Rhizome No.7, 2019. Oxidized copper, sponge, leather cord.. Photo by: Molly Wang. From series: Rhizome. Molly Wang
Necklace: Rhizome No.7, 2019
Oxidized copper, sponge, leather cord.
Photo by: Molly Wang
From series: Rhizome
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The definition of wearability for me is any way to connect with human body, not only hanging around neck/ finger/ wrist/waist, pinning on clothes, but also holding on hand, binding on body, etc. Because of the wearability, contemporary jewellery definitely get an intimate relationship with people which is different from any other kind of contemporary art.