I tend to prefer the works where there is no gap between what I want to express and what I am actually creating. Namkyung Lee Joya 2021 Jury Member interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 02.08.2021
NamKyung Lee. Brooch: Frame and Frame, 2020. Silver, acrylic, photograph.. 11.3 x 11.3 x 2 m. Awarded at: JOYA Award 2020. NamKyung Lee
Brooch: Frame and Frame, 2020
Silver, acrylic, photograph.
11.3 x 11.3 x 2 m
Awarded at: JOYA Award 2020
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JOYA Barcelona, the main art jewelry and art object event in Spain will celebrate its 13th edition this year focussing on the subject of Alchemy:
This antique discipline of doctrine and experimentation of chemical phenomena analyses the transmutation of metals, the elixir of life, and the search for stone philosophers. The Alchemy is also related to secret methods, the elixir of immortality, the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease; and to development of a universal solvent.
In this third interview of three, we spoke to Jury Member Namkyung Lee, contemporary jeweller, and winner of the JOYA Award 2020.