Rings are on your fingers, but they are made for the eye really, and beyond that, the mind. Osian Efnisien interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 02.07.2024
Osian Efnisien Osian Efnisien
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The new Klimt02 member, Osian Efnisien, shares his background, influences, and perspectives on the ever-evolving world of contemporary jewellery.
Tell us about your background. What were your first influences to be creative and become an artist and what has drawn you to contemporary jewellery?
I’ve always been an artist, since I was very little. I was thinking about it whilst reading this question and I had to laugh, I’m doing exactly now, what I was doing at five years old, and every years old in between! at some very young age I started to do this art thing, and I’ve never stopped. Jewellery was and is a way of expressing a need to explore form, colour and meaning in discreet little packages, rings are so intimate and carry so much meaning already, almost asking for you to weave visions and new mysteries around them. They fit on your fingers, but they are made for the eye really, and beyond that, the mind.

How important is networking for you in your professional practice and what are your preferred tools for this?
We live in this interconnected world, right? I live by the sea and the mountains, I sit here, and I create, I have an Instagram account… I’m relatively new to the contemporary Jewellery world, I’m open to interesting things, projects, galleries, ideas, learning, teaching, I’m here.

What are your general thoughts on the contemporary jewellery world, (education, market, development...), where do you see chances and where are dead ends?
There is so much creativity, invention out there, every day I see things which engage and captivate me, it’s delightful. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a dead end, there’s not a single hole I’ve fallen in to that hasn’t lead somewhere new… virtual and augmented realities are a huge thing, avatars need to be adorned too, and there are no physical limits to how that can be done. And in the real world, new materials with new properties, that’s what excites me.

Thinking about your career, what role do technology and the digital play in your artistic development & communication?
Huge. I work as an illustrator and graphic artist as well as a designer, but (by training) and at heart, I’m a sculptor. This world now, with the emergence of 3d printing technologies, scanning technologies, the ability to design digitally and realise in analogue, to mix and splice, it’s exhilarating.
Osian Efnisien. Ring: S3R7, 2024. Naturilite, silicate composite. Osian Efnisien
Ring: S3R7, 2024
Naturilite, silicate composite
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