Robin Antar, Joya 2017 jury member interviewed by Klimt02

Published: 18.04.2017
Robin Antar, Joya 2017 jury member interviewed by Klimt02.
Viktorija Domarkaite
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My passion is to create virtual records of cultural and personal events that have impacted me greatly. My vision of replicating real-life events in stone allows me to transform emotions into lasting expressions of art for others to appreciate. I’ve achieved my goal when the U.S. government writes to tell me I cannot copyright a work of art because it too closely resembles the product that I chose to record in stone. The day I received that letter was one of the happiest days of my life.

Robin Antar is part of the jury members of JOYA 2017 (9th Edition) will held at the Arts Santa Monica from 5th to 7th October.

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What got you interested in working with culture of pop through sculpture medium?
I started carving realism after I re-carved a student’s piece, my son Leon said mom “why don’t you carve out a Nike sneaker”. I took a picture of the piece I re-carved, it was not perfect because the student make a wrong cut into it and I had to make it work. I sent a fax to Skecher Boots USA and within 5 minutes they contacted me and told me they were interested. Then I started carving Boots and shoes, then 911 happened. I said to myself what it AMERICA, junk food and that is what started me on POP American Culture objects.
What kind of difference do you notice between American and European art scenes?
In America the general public does not respect the artist. The Artist is much more respected out side the USA.

Having in mind difference between sculpture and jewellery, on what basis will you personally be jurying the creations?
Form and movement, and comfort to wear.

What are the outcomes, you as a jury member, are expecting in this year fair?.
 To see the different types jewelry designs form around the world

What are the main things attracting people to attend this year Joya scene?
Awards and prestige.

How great importance Joya is bringing to jewellery world?
To show the world the art behind jewellery design and show that it is a true art.


About the Interviewee

Robin Antar is an award winning artist and sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York, Robin Antar is renowned for her stone sculptures of American pop culture. Ms. Antar has an international gallery representation.

Recent commissions include: A Stella Artois beer bottle, New York, a Dr. Marten Boot, England; a Skechers Boot, CA, and a bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion Wine, France. Her talent has been recognized with awards from: The New House Foundation Grant, The Allied Artists of America (Gold Medal of Honor) and several others.

Robin Antar’s elected memberships include: Allied Artists of America, New York, NY; Pen and Brush, New York, NY and the National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY.


Hamburger. 2016. Limestone, marble, honeycomb calcite and mixed media. 12"h X 26"w X 22"d

Tanqueray. 2012. Carved stone verde Guatemala marble from India. ​20"h X 7.5"w X 7.5"d
Stella Artois. 2015. Carved onyx. 24"h X 6.5"w X 6.5"d
Black Label. 2012. Honeycomb calcite. 20"h X 5"d X 5"w

Head onyx. 2016. 8"h X 6"w X 4"d including base

2 People. 2016. Yule marble. 20"h X

Work boot with rivets dark brown. 2010. Carved limestone and oils. 6.5"h X 11.5"w X 4.5"d