JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2017

Fair  /  05 Oct 2017  -  07 Oct 2017
Published: 14.07.2017
JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2017.
Santa Monica Arts Centre
Anthony Chevallier, Paulo Ribeiro

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JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair is the main art jewellery event in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists as well as related organizations, schools and other entities, JOYA, in its 9th edition prepares to present excellence and innovation in art jewellery relating with other fields of art, this year is the turn of Gastronomy.

View here the JOYA Barcelona: MEDIA CLIPPING 2017

The event goes beyond being an exhibition space for students and artists to present their latest work.  JOYA, aimed towards professionals in the field as well as the general public, is also a platform of national and international exposure that enjoys a large number of media partners and collaborations with galleries and other events of the field.
Its goal is to promote national and international artists through exhibition and communication, support jewellery and help open up an artistic market that has remained under exploited until now. Moreover, JOYA is a platform for artists to interact and share experiences and discuss their common issues, an opportunity for artists, press, distributors and interested audience to come into contact.

The call of this year has exceeded all expectations, having a high percentage of new artists who have not participated in previous editions, so this year will be one of the most innovative in terms of design and cutting edge.

JOYA 2017 will have  the participation of 48 selected artists, 6 winners of prestigious international awards, 3 galleries, 2 collectives, 3 international schools and 7 national,  that makes a total of more than 300 artists from all over the world: Argentina, Israel, Finland, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Cyprus, France, USA, Germany, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, UK , Turkey, China, Taiwan among other countries.

Individual artists
This year the jury has selected 48 individual artists based on the originality and innovation of the presented works, as well as the use of new techniques and experimentation with new materials.
In order to relate art jewellery with gastronomy, this year jury members are outstanding figures combining food products with art in general:
  • Robin Antar: Award winning artist and sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York
  • Gésine Hackenberg: Artist graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, residing in Amsterdam
  • Eliana Negroni: Graduated in social science from the University of Milan, founder and curator of the Gioielli in Fermento Award
  • Liana Pattihis: Winner of the JOYA 2016 award
  • Piotr Rybaczek: Founder and owner of the La Basilica Gallery
  • Paulo Ribeiro and Anthony Chevallier: Directors of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair
In addition, we have the honor to present the winners of the various international events related to the current artistic jewelry:
- Liana Pattihis (UK) JOYA Winner 2016
- Florian Weichsberger (Italy) Herbert Hoffman Award "Schmuck 2017"
- Asami Watanabe (Japan) Autor Award 2017
- Lai Weng Ian (China) Winner Alchimia 2017 Award
- Karin Roy Andersson (Sweden) Winner Enjoia't Professional Category 2016
- Xiaodai Huang (China) Winner Enjoia't Category Student 2016

In this edition, JOYA will feature 3 galleries, some of which have already participated in previous editions such as Alchimia Gallery of Florence-Italy, that will represent  the new generation of contemporary artists.
Latin American will be represented by the hand of the chilean Ergo Gallery, which will present an outstanding collection of artists of its culture.
The novelty of this year is kunst.wirt.schaft Graz: Art-Guest- and Projectspace, Workshop and Atelier, an Austrian gallery founded in 2002 with the aim of being a platform that exposes art jewelry to the world.

We will have the presence of 2 international groups, AGC from Italy, one of the most important online information platforms in art jewelry, showing  the work of 9 artists of great renown.
On the other hand 7 romanian artists will represent Assamblage, proposing new ways of relating jewelery and the body, not as simple accessories, but as independent art objects.

Since 2009, JOYA has been a platform for talent and innovation that promotes the work of jewelry schools, both nationally and internationally. This year we have  selected 10 schools, with a total of 23 students, who show their new approaches in design, creativity and originality. JOYA will exhibit works from 7 national schools, Escola Industrial d'Art, Escuela de Arte 3, Escola Municipal d`Art Arsenal, Llotja Superior School of Design and Art, Escola Massana Center d`Art i Disseny, EADT Escola d `Art I Disseny of Tarragona, EASD Mestre Mateo.

International schools are represented by Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Netherlands), Evening College for Jewelery Design (Austria) and Hawk - University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Faculty of Design - Metal-Design (Germany).

As every year we will have the presence of the winners of prestigious awards worldwide in the art jewellery field, and very excited to reveal the new winner of this edition:
  • JOYA Award: This award is given to an individual artist with the highest score of the jury in the fair, which happens to be the guest artist of the edition 2017. This year we have the presence of Liana Pattihis last year's winner.

  • Grupo Duplex - Arte y Joya: Select an artist from " Yearbook: Yearbook of Contemporary Jewelry " and award with an extensive international communication campaign in the magazines of the group.
  • A FAD: The Association of artists and artisans of the FAD, develop an important task of publicizing and promoting the world of arts and crafts, this lead to create Enjoia't awards for the development of contemporary jewelry based on: originality, technical quality, conceptual richness and transgression in the field of artistic jewelry, promoting the work of professionals and students of the sector.
  • Autor Award: It is the award from the fair Autor of Bucharest and invites the winner to join the 2017 edition.

Thursday, October 5 at 2:00 pm: Rebekah Frank, Art Jewelery Forum Executive Director.
Friday October 6 at 2:00 pm: Gesine Hackenberg, Jury JOYA 2017, artist and teacher.
Saturday October 7 at 2:00 pm: Bella Neyman, writer & curator, Contemporary Jewelry.

As every year, JOYA extends the range of artistic jewellery to the public. For this reason, it has created a jewelry exhibition circuit in the best galleries and cultural spaces of the city of Barcelona.

Jury Members 2017 Edition

Robin Antar (New York, USA)

Hamburger limestone, marble, honeycomb calcite and mixed media. 2016
An award winning artist and sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York, Robin Antar is renowned for her stone sculptures of American pop culture. Ms. Antar has an international gallery representation. 
Recent commissions include: A Stella Artois beer bottle, New York, a Dr. Marten Boot, England; a Skechers Boot, CA, and a bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion Wine, France. Her talent has been recognized with awards from: The New House Foundation Grant, The Allied Artists of America (Gold Medal of Honor) and several others.
Robin Antar’s elected memberships include: Allied Artists of America, New York, NY; Pen and Brush, New York, NY and the National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY.

Gésine Hackenberg (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Crate with Vegetables and Fruit, Metal. 2013

Gésine Hackenberg is an Amsterdam based artist using divers techniques to explore the conceptual intersections between jewellery and objects of everyday life. She was trained as a goldsmith in Germany and graduated in 2001 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (NL). In 2013 she earned her MA from the PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt (B) where she is currently teaching. Hackenberg received several grants and awards. Her work is included in various public collections such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (UK) or the MAD in NY (USA). 
Eliana Negroni (Milan, Italy)

With a Social science degree from Milan State University and after 7 years in organization systems she joined the family master engravers atelier learning and working on metal engraving techniques and design. Living since 2009 in Emilia's wine region, she works matching contemporary jewellery with culture and territories. Fond of contemporary arts, member of AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo,  Negroni has been curating Gioielli in Fermento, international exhibition and award, since 2011.

She still takes care of all the lab equipment at her father’s former workshop in Milan and is currently developing a project for the preservation of the original techniques of mechanical engraving on jewellery.

Liana Pattihis (London, UK)

Brooch, enamel, silver, stainless steel,  2017

Liana Pattihis is the Winner of JOYA Barcelona Award 2016. Her collection “Chained Interpretations” was selected over 50 individual artists’ works. Pattihis studied jewellery design at Middlesex University under the leadership of Caroline Broadhead, and since then, she has become part of an elite circuit of exhibitions and fairs such as SOFA in Chicago, JOYA Barcelona, Athens Jewellery Week and Gioielli in Fermento among others.
The artist has developed a unique technique of fusing enamels. The ritual of fusing the enamels is painstakingly precise, almost regimented. Applying the enamel freely but purposefully however, allows the material not only to decorate a piece, but to be instrumental in its creation, its appearance and its function / LP.

Piotr Rybaczek (Poland)

Piotr Rybaczek is the owner and founder of La Basílica Gallery since 2007. The gallery, established in the centre of Barcelona, gathers the work of more than 150 jewellery designers and takes us to a dreamlike place where sculptures, inspired by organic forms are mixed with antique glass cabinets that show the most creative jewellery pieces in the contemporary jewellery world. 

Paulo Ribeiro (Brazil)
Paulo Ribeiro was born in Brazil and lives in Barcelona. He is the co-director of the creative agency Le Département Interiors and the founder and co-director of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair. He has trained as an architect specialized in fashion spaces and interior design, with master degree and PhD at Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya.
Anthony Chevallier (France)

Anthony is co-owner of the company Le Département Interiors and co-directing JOYA Barcelona. After getting his MBA in International Business, he specialized himself into the organization of fashion events and styling through a degree in the re-known Central Saint-Martin in London. Working several years into the fashion industry, he turned into the sector of Interior Design where he is actually working as an interior designer remodeling and decorating private properties in Spain and Europe.

Le Département S.C.P
Aribau 80, Sobreatico 1ª
08009 Barcelona
Tel. + 34 931 42 26 17

Paulo Ribeiro
Anthony Chevallier
Patrick Walczak




5 to 7th  October 2017
Arts Santa Mónica, Rambla 7 
Barcelona - Spain

Thursday 5th.

10.00h Press Preview
11.00h to 14.00h Fair
14.00h Conference: Rebekah Frank
16.00h to 21.00h Fair
20.00h AUTOR Award - Yearbook Award

Friday 6th.
11.00h to 14.00h Fair
14.00h Conference: Gesine Hackenberg
16.00h to 21.00h Fair
20.00h Enjoia't Award

Saturday 7th.
11.00h to 14.00h Fair
14.00h Conference: Bella Neyman
16.00h to 21.00h Fair
20.00h Alchimia Student Award - JOYA Award 2017
22.00h JOYA Official Dinner at Ocaña

On line sale:
General price: 5 € (valid for 3 days)
Student price: 3 € (with student card)
Entry valid for Espaijoia and Barcelona Watch Experience.
Conferences: 10 € (Every day from 14 hours to 16 hours, the fair will be open only for conferences)
JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair 2017
JOYA Barcelona
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