Milano Jewelry Week 2023

Fair  /  Collecting   Exhibiting   Curating  /  17 Oct 2023  -  22 Oct 2023
Published: 04.07.2023

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The Milanese Week that celebrates the history, tradition and innovation of the fascinating world of international jewellery. Milano Jewelry Week creates moments of exchange and interaction, captivating trade operators and attracting the whole public of passionate thanks to a calendar full of events: exhibitions, presentations, workshops, talks, awards, live performances and vernissage. The 2023 edition will take place on the dates 17 - 22 October.
A widespread event that develops in Milano center within exclusive and evocative locations in the city: historic buildings, high jewelry ateliers, goldsmith workshops, academies, art galleries, fashion boutiques and design showroom.

Milano Jewelry Week is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand/project internationally to a targeted audience that is really interested in receiving new proposals.
It is a great occasion to expand your network, share know-hows, establish relationships with potential customers, approach new markets and, enhance your brand identity.

750 Exhibitors. 8000 Jewels, 150 Events, 80 Locations, 60000 Visitors.

Visitor’s engagement is achieved through the creations of different events: exhibitions of international artists, presentations of exclusive collections, exhibition events, workshops, performances, temporary shops, awarding evenings, contests and much more.
Each participant interested in exhibiting his jewels can decide to join the Week in different ways:

Location: La Pelota, via Palermo, 10 Milan
Target: High & Fine Jewelry, Designer Jewellery, Vintage & Watches, Diamonds
The Jewelry Hub is the distinctive and exclusive event for brands from all over the world to present their new creations that contain stories and emotions while communicating the uniqueness and identity of each author. The only event in Milan that allows collectors, buyers and enthusiasts to meet the most innovative international producers and designers in the jewelry sector.
It takes place in La Pelota, a historic building that blends the charm of Brera – the famous artists’ district – with an exclusive avant-garde flair. Prodes Italia’s team is constantly doing targeted research and important scouting work to present the most exciting jewels that are hardly seen in Milan.

Location: Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia, 51 Milan
Target: Contemporary, Hight, Fine Jewelry
Artistar Jewels, now in its ninth edition, is an annual project born in 2012, through which contemporary jewelry is promoted worldwide. Over 200 international artists inside Palazzo Bovara were selected to participate in this exhibition dedicated to body ornaments, happening this year for the eighth edition.
In the beautiful location located in Corso Venezia you can admire over 850 creations from 40 different countries around the world. All the creations are published in the homonymous book “Artistar Jewels”, distributed in all Italian bookstores and major European capitals. A jury of experts in the sector selects the most deserving artists who receive important awards and prizes.

Location: Galdus, via Pompeo Leoni, 2 Milan
Target: Schools & Academies
The event is dedicated to all schools and academies that exhibit their student’s jewels. All participants are automatically candidates for the Talent Show Contest, through which the winners will receive important awards. This is an excellent opportunity to discover new talents from different countries of the world.

Profuse Location Milano Center
Target: Brand, High, Fine, Contemporary, Fashion Jewelry,Vintage, Watches, Schools
Milan Jewelry Week is a widespread event in the city of Milan and beyond the collective exhibitions that take place in historic buildings in the city center, many brands, goldsmiths, designers and jewel producers open the doors of their stores and workshops to the public.
During the Week, special events are organized within these spaces such as themed exhibitions, preview collection presentations, live performances, press meetings, cocktail parties or workshops. Visitors can discover many interesting realities of the Milanese area by living a unique experience created only on the occasion of the MJW.

The event is also accompanied by the Awarding Night, the occasion to announce the winners of several prizes. Like every year, in fact, a jury of industry experts will selects the artists and brands who have stood out for their originality and design, awarding them important awards.
The MJW Awarding Night 2022 took place inside the Odeon Theatre in Milan.
During the evening, which was attended by over 900 guests, the winning names of the 2022 MJW Awards were announced.
All exhibitors of the Milano Jewelry Week can access the contest and win one or more awards.
Artwork by Yana Nesper..
Artwork by Yana Nesper.

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Artwork by Cecilia Accardo..
Artwork by Cecilia Accardo.

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Artistar Jewels at Palazzo Bovara..
Artistar Jewels at Palazzo Bovara.

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Experential Journey Misani Milano..
Experential Journey Misani Milano.

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The Jewelry HUB La Pelota..
The Jewelry HUB La Pelota.

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Talent Show Galdus..
Talent Show Galdus.

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