The Betty Bossi Idea by Bruna Hauert

Necklace  /  Narrative   Conceptual
Awarded with the special prize of the jury, at the thematic exhibition Fiction.

The Betty Bossi idea for the Central Park Zoo, New York
My name is Maier, Dottie Maier. For the theme FICTION I’am bringing the Swiss fictional character Betty Bossi to New York, where I currently live. By using her label I wanted to create jewelry feed for the animals of the Central Park Zoo. Luckily enough, I was able to enthuse Dan Wharton, Central Park Zoo’s director, with my idea. I know Dan as a member of my Kärcher-Club KCNY, which I founded some years ago. Our last (legal!) mission was the kärchering of the elephant Besamemucho. Elephants love high-pressure cleaners!! (We have also kärchered parked cars on 13th street and the New York Opera). Anyway, a gay penguin couple called Silo & Roy live at Dan’s zoo. After a long battle for their own offspring, the zoo psychiatrist finally gave them their own egg and they are now bringing up their charming child Tango. They are all being pampered with the Betty Bossi idea. And so are the six meter long anaconda Houdini and the fruit bat Lindbergh. More will follow. My best friend Bruna Hauert, who lives in Zürich, says that considering the fact that I, Dottie Maier, do not exist, I am creating quite a fuss. Despite our friendship, I do not think it is any of her business.
Bruna Hauert
The Betty Bossi Idea
Gold, silver, yarn, wood of a cherry tree.
Photo by:
Bruna Hauert

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