Bruna Hauert

Published: 30.07.2023


Jewelry Designer Founder and owner of Friends of Carlotta, Gallery for Contemporary Jewelry, Zurich.



Jewelry is communication. I love to embed jewelry in stories because jewelry and text inspire each other so that something becomes a small universe. My earlier work as a cabaret artist has shaped me, and even as a jewelry designer I have not lost the desire to communicate. Today, however, my jewelry is on stage and maintain a dialogue with friends and strangers. And if I get cheeky, it can get under the Zurich tram and get the finishing touch. In 1990 I founded Friends of Carlotta. What was originally intended as a label for my own jewelry quickly became established as a label for exhibitions with several jewelry designers. In 1995 I opened the Friends of Carlotta jewelry gallery in the old town of Zurich. Today Friends of Carlotta is one of the leading galleries for contemporary jewelry design and, with changing exhibitions and the work of more than 80 represented jewelry designers from all over the world, conveys a lustful cross-section of current jewelry creation.

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Exhibition  09 Mar 2024 - 06 Apr 2024  Im FoCus by Benedict Haener.
Award  22 Oct 2020 - 22 Oct 2020  Eureka! The FoC Jewellery & Fellowship Award 2020.
Exhibition  15 Mar 2020 - 18 Mar 2020  Bruna Hauert at IHM 2020.
Open call  03 Feb 2020 - 19 Mar 2020  Open Call for Eureka! The FoC Jewellery & Fellowship Award 2020.
Exhibition  14 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2019  The Sacred and The Profane.
Exhibition  07 Nov 2015 - 24 Dec 2015  Happy! 25 Years of Friends of Carlotta.

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Book:  Eureka! Schmucke Geistesblitze. Flashes of Genuis. Friends of CarlottaFriends of Carlotta:  Zürich,  2021