Dwarf of luck with a seal of approval by Bruna Hauert

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Dwarfs bring good luck – this has been an open secret to insiders for a long time. Yet scarcely anybody is aware of the adventurous trials a dwarf must endure, before he can become a dwarf of luck. The last and definitely most challenging of them all is the flounder test: On a full moon the daredevil dwarfs death defiantly (yet in full possession of their mental strength) hurl themselves onto the tracks of the Zurich tramway. Courageously looking danger directly in the eye, they allow themselves to be run over by a blue tram.
Compressed and concentrated to such an extent, luck is now eternally preserved within them.
This dwarf’s name is Harry and he passed his exam with flying colors. He is part of the quality class A1 – one of the highest levels of commendation a dwarf of luck can ever reach. 
Bruna Hauert
Dwarf of luck with a seal of approval
Photo by:
Bruna Hauert

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