Scar by Michaela Donsbach

Filigree jewellery, that has to be worn conscious. The more light, the more you can discover the wonderful structure of the material.

The spring steel frame is laser welded from single pieces to an object. The intestine is washed in salt water and sewed wet over the frame. Afterwards the piece is dried and oiled with linseed oil. Before i sew the piece together, i choose special parts in the intestine, which show a special blistered surface structure, that fascinates me. It´s an anomaly and occurs just sometimes in a whole pigs intestine.

My „scars“ are inspired by the idea that life is also telling stories but true ones. You can see this for example in scars. I used the natural material intestinal skin which closely links my object to life and reality. The stitches of the scars simultaneously reveal the production process of the brooch. Basically my brooches are telling stories about themselves. Fascinating is the moment when the viewer realizes, what a special aesthetic quality a material can be given, we would never expect.
Michaela Donsbach
Titanium, intestine, silk thread
3 x 3 x 1cm, 2 x 2 x 12 cm, 3,5 x 7 x 0,5 cm, 3 x

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