Die Grenze zum Nichts (The Border to Nothingness) by Tim Udvardi-Lakos

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The Border to Nothingness is a brooch series from 2020 containing nine jewels. Six pieces are still available of the sequence, each of them is unique in its lacquer-work. The brooches will be shown during the artist's coming exhibition Between Spaces in Bamberg, Germany.

The concept of the piece tells us that all is either developing from -or evolving into- nothingness. A flowing, eternal cycle of becoming and fading that has no ultimate finished state. But what happens on the brink to nothingness? On the edge to passing and fading? The examination of this subject and the questions that arise with it finds its narrative in the materialization and design of these nine brooches.

They evoke a consciousness for this cycle and the potential of nothingness in the bearer and the observer. The pieces are made of silver in the shape of a torus that embodies the ever-repeating cycle, with an empty centre that draws us in. A special manually applied lacquer technique gives great depth to the pieces and characterizes the thin border to the white silver - the nothingness. The deep black traces of being stain and cloud what lies beneath. / Tim Udvardi-Lakos
Tim Udvardi-Lakos
Die Grenze zum Nichts (The Border to Nothingness)
Silver, steel wire, powder lacquer.
6 x 6 x 3 cm each
Serial piece

Photo by:
Tim Udvardi-Lakos

Estimated price: 1000 €
On sale at: Tim Udvardi-Lakos

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