Die Grenze zum Nichts (The Border to nothingness) by Tim Udvardi-Lakos

Brooch  /  Minimalism   Geometric
BA thesis 2020
All being is constantly evolving from or into nothingness. Thus, there is no final state, but a constant cycle of becoming and fading. The connection I see is an interdependence of being and nothingness within the whole. Nothingness holds the potential of becoming and therefore is the birthplace of being. When something comes into existence, it holds its own inevitable non-being within itself. It’s fading leaves an emptiness which is soon to be filled again by another being. Being and nothingness are deeply connected as two contradictory polarities of transformation.
Tim Udvardi-Lakos
Die Grenze zum Nichts (The Border to nothingness)
Silver, steel, lacquer.
6 x 6 x 3 cm
Photo by:
Tim Udvardi-Lakos

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