Tim Udvardi-Lakos

Published: 19.04.2021

Tim Udvardi-Lakos is a master craftsman in gold and silversmithing, designer, and martial artist. After his schooling, he became a goldsmith apprentice to Lucia Steimle at Schmuck am Aischbach in Horb am Neckar. Having successfully finished his Bachelor of Arts in Metal Design, at the HAWK, University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim in 2020 supervised by Professor Melanie Isverding, he proceeded with his studies in the Master of Arts Design at the HAWK.
All being is constantly evolving from — or into — nothingness. Thus, there is no final state, but a constant cycle of becoming and fading. The connection I see is an interdependence of being and nothingness within the whole. Nothingness holds the potential of becoming and therefore is the birthplace of being. When something comes into existence, it holds its own inevitable non-being within itself. It’s fading leaves an emptiness which is soon to be filled again by another being. Being and nothingness are deeply connected as two contradictory polarities of transformation.

The brooches I created are made of Sterling Silver in the shape of the torus. There is an emptiness in the center and within the body. Like a blank canvas, the white, filed silver embodies the nothingness. It is covered by a layer of laquer forming the thin border to nothingness. The laquer is partially transparent or black, using a self-developed technique combining two powder laquers. The deep black represents the traces of being, as it is the densest mass of colour. The transparent laquer enables the observer to discover the texture of the silver and the depth that the laquer gives to the brooches. In a way, the observer is submerged into the artefacts depth. The needle reflects the circular shapes of the torus and enables the artefact to be worn as if it were weightless.

My work is deeply inspired by Wabi Sabi and Suprematism. What I want to convey is a consciousness for a holistic and deeply connected cosmic order, hence we can appreciate nothingness as the fundamental potential for becoming.

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