Protect your jewel designs with CC Proof

When you create an original design, you automatically have copyright protection. However, if you want to claim your protection you have to be able to show that you are the creator of your work. With an account at CC Proof you can upload an unlimited amount of designs and instantly receive a ‘legal birth certificate’ of your design. This way you can always show that you were first with this design and thus that you’re the creator.
Communicate your protection
Are you displaying your designs publicly online?  As a CC Proof user you can place the CC Proof notice on your website. By doing this you communicate that that you are in possession of evidence of originality, making it less attractive to plagiarize your work.
25% Discount for Klimt02 members
As a member of Klimt02 you receive a 25% discount ( € 56,25 instead of € 75 ) on the first year of the CC Proof subscription. With this subscription you can register an unlimited amount of creations; not just your jewel designs but also other creations like your website styling, logo’s, blog items, concepts, you name it.


1. Get the Klimt02 code to benefit of the discount

2. Sign up and register at CC Proof

3. When requested use the klimt02 code to get de discount

For assistance you can contact CC Proof at:

> Sample of certificate

This register of works in order to protect the artists copyright is it working internationally? What will be the artists rights in case of copies of their designs?
The image below shows the countries (in blue) that are part of the Berne Convention . In these countries copyright arises the moment an artistic work is created. With a registration at CC Proof you provide your work with an official timestamp and the name of the author. This evidence can be used to claim your copyright protection in all countries part of the Berne Convention. Every country has it's own copyrightlaw.