2013 National Metal Crafts Competition

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Published: 03.02.2015
2013 National Metal Crafts Competition.
New Taipei City Government Gold Museum
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Tsai Tsung-Hsiung
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Gold Museum New Taipei City
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New Taipei City
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The National Metal Crafts Competition, held every two years, has once again gathered together magnificent artists and their works of art in Taipei in 2013.
Jinguashi is one of the treasures of mining culture in New Taipei City. The region, which once enjoyed prosperity because of its gold mines, houses valuable cultural heritage. It's one of the important tasks of the Department of Cultural Affairs to preserve cultural property; and one of the goals the organization makes every effort to achieve is to promote, to reactivate and to re-use resources of mining culture. Holding fast to these ambitions, the organisation sees the promotion of metal craft arts as a way to preserve mining culture. It organizes the metal crafts competition to provide a stage for metal artists and to link today's metal arts with memories of yesterday's glorious mining industry in Jinguashi.

This year's competition shows that metal arts in Taiwan have been growing more mature and diversified in terms of creative concepts, forms and processes. Amazing creations are made out of artists' creativity. Impressive works of art are selected after the judges' careful deliberation. The photos and description of thirty-three pieces of winning artwork are presented here so that more people are able to have a glimpse of the wonderful competition results. The publication enables the general public to savour the exquisite application of techniques, the unique forms of creativity and the artists' feelings and reflections towards life. In addition, it covers the artwork made by the domestic and international judges, demonstrating unfailing energy and creativity in Taiwan's metal arts and similarities and differences between Eastern and Western metal arts.


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