Fluidum. Martina Minarikova

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Published: 07.11.2008
Fluidum. Martina Minarikova.
Text by:
Old?ich Vina?, Josef Dolista, Josef Špa?ek
Edited by:
Martina Mináriková
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40 pages, soft cover, full colour images, text in English and Czech, 25 x 17.5 cm
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Martina Minarikova published a new catalogue of her recent jewellery art works complemented with texts by reputable scientists.
(...) In shop windows, on hands, necks and napes of women there is rarely a piece of jewelry surprising by its novelty. It is difficult to discover something new in the sphere researched again and again from the time of a caveman. It is equally difficult to reveal something new in the domaine of psychology. However, a lot of surprising new findings have been obtained in the course of the recent decades in research of the brain. It is wonderful when the structure and activity of the brain inspire an artist who looks for new ways in searching for materials and forms suitable for satisfying the desire to beautify human beings.

Doc. MUDr. Oldřich Vinař, DrSc.

(...) Blood relation connects people in a unique relationship. In a normal case it is a relationship which leads to the good of the others. Common blood makes people get together and become close. However, common blood may also arise from the fetters of love, which bounded us to liberate us from ourselves as a result.

Prof. Dr. Josef Dolista, Ph.D., Th.D.
Rector of the College of European and Regional Studies in České Budějovice

(...) So when you ask a young lady one day, “What does that pendant on your neck represent”? and she says, “This is a memory molecule of protein kinase C,” do not be surprised. There are scientists who have works of art born in their heads and artists in whose heads molecules turn into jewelry. One of them is Martina Mináriková.

Prof. MUDr. Josef Špaček, DrSc.
Fingerland Institute of Pathology

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Inner pages

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Inner pages.
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