Gift. Papers and Exhibition 2006

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Published: 08.04.2008
Gift. Papers and Exhibition 2006.
Tanya Harrod, Edmund de Waal
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Tanya Harrod, Edmund de Waal, (et. al.)
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Think Tank
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96 pages, 19 pages full colour
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Since 2004, every September a group of nine European lecturers, curators and authors in the field of the contemporary applied arts and design, meet together in their name: Think Tank, A European Initiative for the Applied Arts to discuss issues raised in the papers which are read by the separate members during a three days symposium behind closed doors. Their aim in general: to stimulate academic and interdisciplinary debate, by producing regular publications on the subject of applied arts and design today.
THINK TANK was founded in September 2004 in Gmunden, Austria, with the generous support of the City of Gmunden at Lake Traun . THINK TANK is a group of 9 leading thinkers, writers, theorists, curators and makers representing a broad range of European countries. All participants of THINK TANK are deeply engaged with craft and design, through writing, teaching and lecturing. The group will be kept relatively small in order to function effeciently.

The members of the group are: Dr. Peter Assmann, Linz/Austria; Liesbeth den Besten, Amstelveen/Netherlands; Gabi Dewald, Lorsch/Germany; Mònica Gaspar, Barcelona/Spain and Zürich/Switzerland; Dr. Tanya Harrod, London/Great Britain, Love Jönsson, Göteborg/Sweden, Dr. Louise Mazanti, Copenhagen/Denmark; Prof. Dr. Jorunn Veiteberg, Bergen/Norway and Copenhagen/Denmark; Prof. Edmund de Waal, London/Great Britain. 

The challenge for THINK TANK is to bring vigour and imagination to bear on the theorising of the applied arts in Europe.Historically the applied arts have suffered both from a lack of critical attention and from the absence of an international perspective.The THINK TANK, in providing a European platform for leading thinkers, will encourage engaged discourse of the rapidly changing identity of the applied arts. The challenge is to articulate the significance of our field.

Think Tank Edition 04, Gift – Papers and Exhibition 2006
Photography:         Landesmuseum Ernst Grilnberger, the artists, members of Think Tank
Lay out:                   Salzkammergut Media
Graphic Design:     Werner Schmolmüller

- Preface by : Tanya Harrod and Edmund de Waal
- Papers of the nine Think Tank members
- Exhibition catalogue: 17 objects + texts
- Reading list