Gold Jewelry from Tibet and Nepal

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Published: 22.02.2007
Gold Jewelry from Tibet and Nepal.
Jane Casey Singer
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Thames & Hudson
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142 pages, hardcover, full colour images, text in English, 25 x 23 cm
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In Tibet and Nepal, gold jewellery has always been rare, a luxury limited to the wealthy and powerful. Jewellery reflected not only the owner's personal wealth, but also social and political status, whether worn by noblewomen or government officials, as well as the ancient cultural values of Hinduism and Buddhism. Gems and jewellery often served as metaphors for ideals of the faith, and Himalayan deities were lavishly adorned. Until now, much of the information on this jewellery has been derived from accounts by Western travellers or Tibetans in exile - a lack of archaeological and literary evidence and recent political upheaval having prevented a proper study. This book offers an introduction to the subject, exploring issues of adornment and iconography, materials and manufacture, and how jewellery was defined and appreciated in the Himalayas. It is illustrated with examples of the gold jewellery produced in the region in recent centuries.

- Ornaments of Faith
- Materials and Master Craftsmen
- The Iconography of Himalayan Jewelry
- The Himalayan Amulet