Miami Blue Revisited by Francis Willemstijn

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Published: 11.03.2009
Miami Blue Revisited by Francis Willemstijn.
Galerie Rob Koudijs
Text by:
Ward Schrijver
Edited by:
Galerie Rob Koudijs
Edited at:
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Technical data:
40 pages, text in English and Dutch, 21 x 25 cm
Out of print

Gallery Rob Koudijs has published the catalogue of the last works and exhibition of Francis Willemstijn where she has developed an imagery with cutting lines and variations on the Ford logo.
Deep down we all cherish the memories of early childhood when life still seemed uncomplicated. Inevitably that sense of security slips through our fingers. For Francis Willemstijn her care free childhood was embodied in a car, a spacious Ford Granada Coupé was her safe haven.

For her new jewellery Willemstijn developed an imagery with cutting lines and variations on the Ford logo. The fluid letters contrast with the straight patterns that might be associated with repetitive rhythms and the moving perspective of the landscape. The steel she uses originates from cars; Miami Blue is the original colour of the lacquer.

Earlier work by Francis Willemstijn was related to her past as well, but this collection cuts close to the bone. Lovingly, and meticulously, she regains her youth, captures it from the clutches of time, and gives it a new status in jewellery that, in its turn, can be cherished over time.