The New Jewelry: Trends + Traditions

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Published: 03.01.2007
The New Jewelry: Trends + Traditions.
Peter Dormer
Ralph Turner
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Thames & Hudson
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216 pages, paperback, colour images, text in English, 23 x 26 cm
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Jewellery has come alive again. 20 years ago a mere handful of designers in Europe and America were fighting the cliches of conventional design.
Today there has been, in Ralph Turner's words, a "burgeoning of many kinds of ornament". Comprehensively revised and updated to incorporate the challenging work of the late 1980s and the 1990s, this book now presents in three sections the very latest examples of contemporary inventiveness. Mainstream abstract jewellery encompasses the diversity of modern ornament; whilst contemporary figurative jewellery is made by artists who sculpt and model in precious metals or everyday materials; and today's "jewellery as theatre" features radical workers and their controversial "wearables". Recent trends are given a special section of their own.

About the author

Ralph Turner is an elder of Peterborough Community Church, a fast growing, multi-cultural, community-focused church that began in 1998 with just 9 members and now has a congregation approaching 2,000. In addition to his responsibilities on the church leadership team, he is also a director of ICI PLC and works in the City of London.