Raissa Bump: Complements

Book  /  Monograph
Published: 16.01.2014
Raissa Bump: Complements.
Sienna Gallery
Edited by:
SG Press
Edited at:
Lenox, MA
Technical data:
32 pages, soft cover, color photographs, text in English, 21.5 x 21.5 cm
from 25 €
Sienna Gallery

A monograph showcasing the work of the artist produced in conjuction with Sienna Gallery.
Design by LQ Studios

Photography by Kevin Sprague

Clothing by Tabitha Rasmussen

Printed and Published by SG Press, 2009

This catalogue was produced in conjunction with Raissa Bump | Complements at Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA USA, 2009.

“People of all cultures have adorned the body since ancient times. Our modern clothing and accessories can lead us back throughout the ages to the primitive desire for ornament. First expressed through body painting and tattooing, this urge was followed by ornaments specifically for different parts of the body, and later by body coverings including clothing, hats, and shoes. Within the dichotomy of idiosyncrasy and conformity of the human species there has always been room for personal interpretations and participation, hence my love of observing people and how they interact in their environment.

I believe that there is an art in jewelry and dress and that they complement each other quite beautifully, using the body as their playground. Worn close to, or on the body they are both powerful and intimate in nature, and contribute to our social and personal environment as we move within it. Central to my interests are these unavoidable interactions and how we participate with them.”-Raissa Bump