The Rings Book

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Published: 05.01.2007
The Rings Book.
Jinks McGrath
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Krause Publications
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128 pages, paperback, colour illustrations, text in English, 17 x 23.5 cm
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With this ring...The significance of the ring throughout the world is evidenced in its place among the most common of jewelry.
This book provides the artist with the principles and basic necessities for making rings, including plain bands, D sections, double bands, and hollow rings. Jewelry from international artists is featured in a full color callery for inspiration and encouragement.

The history of the ring is explored, as well as ring making, metal selection, and ring forming techniques, including fusing, texturing and enameling. Clear, step by step photos demonstrate soldering, shaping, annealing, and forging. Also featured are ring decorating methods, as well as ten mounts, nine settings, and a stones chart for identifying specific decorative stones.

About the author

Jinks McGrath was trained in England at the Berkshire College of Art and Design in the late 70s. He has written several books on jewelry-making techniques and enameling. His work emphasizes color which is expressed in the application of enamels, setting interesting stones and richly colored beads and by using contrasting metals and textures.