Spratling Silver

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Published: 08.01.2007
Spratling Silver.
Sandraline Cederwall
Hal Riney
Edited by:
Chronicle Books
Edited at:
San Francisco
Technical data:
176 pages, hardback, colour illustrations, text in English, 24 x 31 cm
from $ 31.50

Over 70 brilliant artworks by the legendary William Spratling—adventurer, celebrity, and world-renowned silver artisan—are presented in this stunning centennial edition of the acclaimed Spratling Silver.
An eagle's profile carved gracefully into the rosewood handle of a 1930s pitcher; the subtle essence of a sea animal in a classic brooch: the exquisite detail and splendor of such unique creations are showcased here in all their lustrous glory. Included are commentaries from Spratling's friends and contemporaries (the likes of Georgia O'Keeffe, who was photographed wearing one of his pins on her austere black dress), which paint an intimate portrait of the man instrumental in reviving Mexico's silver industry in the late 1920s. With 26 additional photographs, an expanded text, and a new hallmarks section with information for collectors, Spratling Silver is the only comprehensive volume to portray the full scope and beauty of William Spratling's treasures.