Under that Cloud

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Published: 18.04.2012
Under that Cloud.
Jo Bloxham
Text by:
Valeria Vallarta Siemelink
Edited by:
Picnic Creative
Edited at:
Technical data:
25 pages, soft cover, color photographs, text in English, 21 x 21 cm
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Inner pages.
Inner pages

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(...) Then, I heard a news flash, which said the skies over Europe were closed due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. This was too ridiculous to be true? I had to get home as I was travelling to Australia in two days' time. But, as the hours morphed into days it quickly became clear that I was going nowhere soon (...)
An exhibition of jewelry inspired by 18 artists stranded in Mexico City under the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, curated by Jo Bloxham.

In April of 2010 the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull began a series of explosive eruptions of ash which disrupted air travel and the environment. Hundreds were evacuated and thousands watched as huge ash plumes erupted 8 kilometers into the sky for days on end. Across the globe in Mexico City, the jewelry symposium Walking the Gray Area was coming to an end. Eyjafjallajökull stranded 18 jewelers who had attended the event in Mexico City. Under That Cloud is their response to these unexpected days spent there. 

Texts by Jo Bloxham, Valeria Vallarta Siemelink & the Artists.
All texts in English

Artist at the exhibition
Agnieszka Knap, Andrea Wagner, Benjamin Lignel, Caroline Broadhead, Cristina Filipe, Gemma Draper, Janina Stübler, Jiro Kamata, Jorge Manilla, Jürgen Eickhoff, Karin Seufert, Lucy Sarneel, Manon van Kouswijk, Nanna Melland, Nedda El-Asmar, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Sarah O’Hana, Tore Svensson.
Inner pages.
Inner pages

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages.
Inner pages

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages.
Inner pages

© By the author. Read Copyright.