Makiko Akiyama: A vision of Contemporary Jewellery in Japan

Published: 18.04.2021
Makiko Akiyama: A vision of Contemporary Jewellery in Japan.

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Jewellery is closely connected to regionality and culture, which suggests the significance of looking at practices in various cultural spheres. The below articles and interviews by writer Makiko Akiyama provide a glimpse into what is happening in Japan through dialogues with professionals such as artists and curators as well as exhibition reviews and short essays.
Makiko Akiyama. Writer and translator. Born in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. In 2013 launched a newsletter for Japanese readers featuring translated articles about art jewelry. Contributing writer for klimt02, Current Obsession, Art Jewelry Forum, and Norwegian Crafts.


Excerpts from Makiko's writings:

"A small object always gives the viewer the pleasure of peeking into a compact world. When it comes to jewelry, the artist's imagination concentrates on a small form while, at the same time, it is expected to develop a chemistry with the wearer".

"Jewellery is a weird thing. It has no functional purpose yet it can be seen all over the world and its wearer carries it almost everywhere".

"People usually go back to the basics when they feel lost. It is a sure way to get yourself back again".