Selected Readings 2015

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Published: 29.12.2015
Selected Readings 2015.
Sanna Svedestedt

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A selection of interviews and articles published during 2015, that our contributing editor Sanna Svedested has put together for you!
Over the year I have had the pleasure of interviewing intriguing artists and creative minds from all over the world. I am always fascinated to hear about what goes on behind the scene - how artists think about their work and how they make the magic happen, so to speak. The forum section is filled with virtual gems and generous stories. Marianne Schliwinski shared her artistic journey over an espresso at Galerie Spektrum in Munich, during one of the busy Schmuck days in March. Hearing Marianne describes her heart installation made in the mid ’80s was an unforgettable moment.
Another meeting hard to forget took place over a surprisingly steady skype connection, as I was talking to Felieke van der Leest in Norway, right before her big solo exhibition at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. It was also a lot of fun to step in to the workplace of Australian artist Melissa Cameron in Seattle and find out the details about her process. I hope you will find just as much inspiration in their stories as I have.  
Klimt02 Forum offers a large library of interviews with our member jewellers. Perhaps you are curious to know how Lauren Tickle, William Llewellyn Griffith, Nanna Melland and Jasmin Matzakow reflect on the subject of exhibiting? That and many more stories you find under interviews in the Klimt02 Forum.
The jewellery community has been buzzing with collaborative projects over the past year. We have listed some of them in this newsletter, to spark new ideas for the coming year.
And finally, while you are hopefully getting some well-deserved rest on your favourite couch, I suggest you get down and dirty in the jewellery discussions happening in Klimt02 forum. Manuel Vilhena, Ezra Satok-Wolman, and André Gali have shared their views with us. Perhaps it will trigger you to put yours down on paper?
Thank you all for sharing your work and ideas. It’s been a blast! Sanna Svedestedt