AJF Artist Award Exhibition

Exhibition  /  Schmuck - MJW 2016  /  24 Feb 2016  -  01 Mar 2016
Published: 10.02.2016
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtray. Brooch: Nugget, 2015. Silver, paint. 3.2 x 6.4 x 5.3 cm. Photo by: Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtray. On model. Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtray
Brooch: Nugget, 2015
Silver, paint
3.2 x 6.4 x 5.3 cm
Photo by: Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtray
On model
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Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to show the five finalists for its 2016 Artist Award exhibiting their work with Sofia Björkman, from Platina, at the International Art Jewellery fair Schmuck, in Munich. 

Artist list

Lynn Batchelder, Seth Papac, Carina Shoshtary, Aric Verrastro, Timothy Veske-McMahon
 The five finalists, Lynn Batchelder, Seth Papac, Carina Shoshtary, Aric Verrastro, and Timothy Veske-McMahon, were chosen from the largest group of Artist Award applicants to date, 151 artists representing 35 countries, and judged on originality, depth of concept, continuity of design, and quality of craftsmanship. This year's jurors were Philip Clarke of New Zealand, inaugural director of Objectspace; 2014 Artist Award winner Seulgi Kwon, from South Korea; and AJF board member and collector Susan Kempin, from the United States.


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