Before my very eyes

Exhibition  /  Schmuck - MJW 2016  /  25 Feb 2016  -  28 Feb 2016
Published: 11.02.2016

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How does my (or your) body feel as I (or you) experience “wearing” a face that reveals so clearly its character?

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Ioanna Natsikou
It is the face that reveals feelings, thoughts and character; decadence, arrogance, magnanimity, humility, audacity, megalomania, sense and measure, pain or joy. There is an immediate, innate, non-verbal communication that fascinates me: an enigmatic language proceeding words and rational responses, a “pure” form of bodily communication. Can jewellery affect face-to-face interactions and become a vehicle to deepen the understanding of our culture and ourselves through the exploration on notions of embodiment and performing in everyday life?

Opening: 26 Feb from 17:00 to 20:00h


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