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Magical tale in grandfather's beard

Exhibition  /  14 Dec 2016  -  27 Feb 2017
Published: 04.09.2016

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Art gallery Putti presents the winter exhibition „Magical tale in grandfather’s beard”. The exhibition will consist of Latvian and international contemporary jewellery artists` works.
Uneasiness. Anxiety. Everything is subsided and stopped. Only blizzard is swirling around. But that is outside, not here. See, how pleasant is for brothers and sisters to be together - like a good oil that flows over head, down into the beard, into Aaron`s beard that curls over his collar. And I beg and beg. - Tell us! Tell about the different gold plated jewels in your chest piece, about the blessing of concord and unity that you received. There is ruby, topaz and emerald in the first row. Garnet, sapphire and nephrite in the second. Opal, jet and amethyst in the third. But in the fourth row is chrysolite, onyx and beryl. What memories, warmth, breath and spirit lies within them? Like the morning dew that evaporates into afternoon sun and leave us with the blessing of friendship and unity.