METALLOphone: Bonds

Exhibition  /  05 Oct 2016  -  26 Oct 2016
Published: 05.10.2016
Wu Ching Chih. Brooch: Heart Square, 2016. Copper, enamel, plastic. From series: Heart Square Series. Wu Ching Chih
Brooch: Heart Square, 2016
Copper, enamel, plastic
From series: Heart Square Series
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This year's biennale will involve a new programme: an online international lecture cycle. During the programme, speakers from various countries and schools will present their environment, share their knowledge and insights into the creation of modern metal art, art trends and the combination of a conceptual approach with special technologies.
When creating, artists often forget that they belong to a large community which brings all the creators together by invisible links. Being in the community inspires, allows to learn and share ideas as well as discover new horizons. To bring artists together to a single event - this was the idea of the contemporary metal biennial “METALOphone” when it was launched five years ago. Today the biennial unites the global community of metal artists and is the only event dedicated solely for metal art in Lithuania.

So it is unsurprising that the third international contemporary metal art biennial taking place in Vilnius on 5-26 October will talk about the metal connection. As a unified speech, this material, having mediational characteristics, not only brings together artists from around the world but also has the ability to embody the intangible connection between the artist and the environment through a creative process. Each person sees the world in his own way, describes different events in his own words so the connections embodied in metal in this “METALOphone” will reveal authentic, unique stories of the artists.

The works presented at the biennial will take visitors aback not only by the variety of shapes but also by unexpected combinations of materials. Here, various metals are combined with organic and synthetic materials, ready-mades, found or recycled items, while the shapes of the creations vary from jewellery works that maintained their functionality to conceptual, small plastic objects. Such a wide variety of metal art, bringing together artists who value a conceptual approach and who work in different areas of the world, will reveal the versatility of metal.

This year “METALOphone” generated especially a lot of interest not only in Europe but also in Asia, Australia, North and South America so the event will feature 63 artists from 28 countries: Turkey, Romania, Poland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Japan, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Holland, Taiwan, Colombia, Canada, Estonia, Austria, England, Latvia, Pakistan, South Korea, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Finland, Spain, New Zealand.

Aisegul Telli (Turkey), Andreia Gabriela Popescu (Romania), Andrzej Boss (Poland), Anja Eichler (Germany), Anna Vlahos (Greece) Christa Luhtje (Germany), Claire Lavendhomme (Belgium), Felicia Mülbaier (Germany), Yu Hiraishi  (Japan), Katja Toporski (USA), Lena Lindahl  (Sweden), Marie-Louise Kristensen Denmark), Melis Agabigum (USA), Michihiro Sato (Japan), Nicole Jacquard (USA), Nik Hanton (New Zealand), Ria Lins (Belgium), Romualdas Inčirauskas (Lithuania), Ruudt Peters (The Netherlands) Serena Holm (Sweden), WU CHING-CHIH (Taiwan), Vita Pukštaitė (Lithuania), Ana Cristina Berrio (Colombia), Anne- Sophie Valle (Canada), Anneli Oppar (Estonia), Aric Verrastro (USA), Ela Cindoruk (Turkey), Dovilė Bernadišiūtė (Lithuania), Dukno Yoon (USA), Elisabeth Habig (Austria), Ying-Hsien Kuo (Eunice) (England), Hester Popma-van de Kolk (The Netherlands), Holland Houdek (USA), Ilze Kibure (Latvia), Jee Hye Kwon (USA), Joo Hyung Park (South Korea), Kamran Babrak (Pakistan), Kate Bajic (England), Kim Ji-Young (South Korea), Lital Mendel (Israel), Louise Seijen ten Hoorn (England), Marie Grewenig (Germany), Masako Onodera (USA), Nazan Pak (Turkey), Niklas Link (Germany), Roberta Pavone (Italy) , Rūta Jurkūnaitė-Bruožienė (Lithuania), Simona Girelli (Italy), Una Mikuda (Latvia), Brice Garrett (USA), Eglė Čėjauskaitė-Gintalė (Lithuania), Kätrin Beljaev (Estonia), Katrin Feulner (Germany), Maja Houtman (The Netherlands), Marina Sheetikoff (Brazil), Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand), Birutė Stulgaitė (Lithuania), Ramunė Jundaitė- Misevičienė (Lithuania), Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro (USA), Minna Karhu (Finland), Andrea White (USA), Jordi Aparicio Manchado (Spain), Ditė Dilginienė (Lithuania)


Lectures schedule:

11th of October:
Seminar “Jewelry NL” with Ruudt Peters, jeweler and sculptor and artists Liesbet Bussche, Gésine Hackenberg, Chequita Nahar and Ted Noten.
Seminar will start at 6pm, local Dutch time.
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14th of October:
Seminar with Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro
, artist and Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry professor at University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Seminar will start at 11am local Wisconsin time. 
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18th of October:
“Jewelry Connections in São Paulo, Brazil”
with Marina Sheetikoff (Brazil), jewelry artist.
Seminar will start at 12pm local Brazilian time.
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20th of October:
Seminar with Gabrielė Pranevičiūtė
, jeweller and the head of Telšiai Gallery of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Seminar will start at 7pm on local Lithuanian time.
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21st of October
Seminar "Art Jewelry in Sweden" with Miro Sazdic, jewellery artist and senior lecturer at department of jewellery "Ädellab" at Konstfack and Dovilė Bernadišiūtė, jewellery artist and recent graduate from Konstfack, Jewellery and Corpus.
Seminar will start at 4pm on local Swedish time.
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All upcoming information and seminars' updates please follow on the website. 
Aric Verrastro. Brooch: On the Horizon, 2016. Steel, copper, sterling silver, stainless steel, thread, 23K gold leaf, acrylic paint. Aric Verrastro
Brooch: On the Horizon, 2016
Steel, copper, sterling silver, stainless steel, thread, 23K gold leaf, acrylic paint
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Marie Grewenig. Brooch: OHRDEN, 2015. Aluminium, synthetic material. Marie Grewenig
Brooch: OHRDEN, 2015
Aluminium, synthetic material
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Ruudt Peters. Pendant: Terram, 2015. Silver, renshape. Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Terram, 2015
Silver, renshape
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Lena Lindahl. Brooch: Mother, 2016. etched Silver, artificial plant. Lena Lindahl
Brooch: Mother, 2016
etched Silver, artificial plant
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