Natascha Frechen. Winner of the New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02

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Published: 18.01.2024
Natascha Frechen. Necklace: No Title, 2023. Jasper, 14k gold, steel, thread. Photo by: Natascha Frechen. Awarded at: New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02. 9th Edition. Natascha Frechen
Necklace: No Title, 2023
Jasper, 14k gold, steel, thread
Photo by: Natascha Frechen
Awarded at: New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02. 9th Edition
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The New Talent Award by Klimt02 aims to recognize the work of graduate students by supporting their careers in the professional world. In this 9th edition, our school members submitted a total of 23 candidates to take part in the award.

This year's winner is Natascha Frechen graduate of Hochschule Trier in Germany.
This is the Ninth Edition of the New Talents Award by Klimt02.

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The winner of the New Talent Award 2023 is Natascha Frechen, who graduated from Hochschule Trier, where she studied under Professors Ute Eitzenhöfer and Levan Jishkarian.

The Prize consists of a professional jeweller profile at and an exhibition at Hannah Gallery Barcelona by Klimt02.

Klimt02 2023 Jury decided to award Natascha Frechen.
Natascha tests the quality of its technique when working with minerals: jaspers, agates, jades... starting from the classical ancient technique of carving, she is giving a completely contemporary look to her pieces. It is remarkable how, through technique and knowledge of the matter, she captures the soul of the materials and manages to give them the appearance of "objets trouvés" (as if they were raw found stones), where the perception of the viewer and wearer is of minimal manipulation and intervention.

Ute Eitzenhöfer Guiding Teacher at the school, states:
Natascha Frechen's work is located at the boundaries of body, soul and nature. She works the solid stone material with sculptural quality and pushes it to its limits. Taken from nature, she gives it a form that makes the human influence clear, but still allows the originality of its source to be recognised. With her works, she wants to make a process visible, an experience of the passing of time. 

Natascha Frechen states:
Objects are the medium of expression. connect us with the material world as well as the immaterial world. Objects can contain emotions, and transform immaterial aspects, such as thoughts into the material world. They occupy an intermediate position between the material world in that they are created from matter but charged with the immateriality of the meaning we give them. In objects, the human desire for immortality is shown. Through objects we express our subjectivity, our attachment to the material world and our participation in it, as well as our desire to connect with it.

More work and contact:
Instagram: @nataschafrechen

>> The exhibition will be on show at Hannah Gallery from 21st February to 15th March 2024.

We want to thank all participating students, teachers, and staff members for your collaboration and the high level of the presented works and encourage all of you to apply for the 9th edition, 2023.

Very soon, we will launch the 10th Edition of the New Talents Award by Klimt02 with the guest jury, deadline, and detailed conditions.