Natascha Frechen

Published: 02.07.2024


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My work is about interchange and interaction between nature and culture as well as objects as a medium of expression.

Natascha Frechen Natascha Frechen


Natascha Frechen was born in Jülich, Germany in 1990 and lives in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. She studied at the University of Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein, Germany and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Gemstones and Jewellery in 2023. Coming from a goldsmith's background specialising in fine jewellery, Natascha Frechen combines technical knowledge with the sculptural qualities of stone. The works are characterized by a tension between the archaic and the technical. The result is a dialogue between the raw originality of the stone and the man-made artifact. She has received awards for her work and has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe. Between 2020 and 2021, she was part of the female artists' collective from the Jauntiness of Absence, which organized travelling exhibitions in France, Estonia, and Germany, accompanied by the publication of the same name.


Natascha Frechen's work is characterized by a tension between the archaic and the technical. The result is a dialogue between the raw originality of the stone and the man-made artifact. Nevertheless, they leave room for interpretation and, in their fragmentary character, refer to being a fragment of something larger. With a formal language reminiscent of the origins of jewellery, skilfully crafted and paired with the contradictions of our time, the objects become a connecting element between materiality and immateriality. Inspired by nature as a transformative force that is both creative and destructive, these opposites merge into an object so archaic and yet so refined. I understand the human body as a boundary and at the same time as a connecting aspect between the physical and the spiritual. Just as objects occupy an intermediate position between the grown and the made - between matter and idea. Creating objects and drawings is my way of expressing thoughts and perceptions, but also a way of understanding and observing.

Natascha Frechen's work is located at the boundaries of body, soul, and nature. She works the solid stone material with sculptural quality and pushes it to its limits. Taken from nature, she gives it a form that makes the human influence clear, but still allows the originality of its source to be recognized. With her works, she wants to make a process visible, an experience of the passing of time.
/ Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer

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Open Studio  01 Apr 2025 - 23 Apr 2025  Open Studios (Offene Werkstätten).
Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Exhibition  30 Aug 2024 - 31 Aug 2024  Steinbeisser in Goetheanum.
Exhibition  03 Jul 2024 - 03 Jul 2024  Graduation Show.
Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Award giving  25 Jan 2024 - 25 Jan 2024  Natascha Frechen. Winner of the New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02.
Award  25 Jan 2024 - 25 Jan 2024  New Talents Award 2023 by Klimt02. 9th Edition.
Exhibition  19 Nov 2023 - 18 Feb 2024  Rockstars at Mons.
Exhibition  02 Nov 2023 - 31 Mar 2024  Brooches in Dialogue between Past and Avantgarde.
Exhibition  29 Sep 2023 - 01 Oct 2023  Unfolding at Intergem.
Exhibition  26 Aug 2023 - 08 Oct 2023  20th Silver Triennial International at DIVA museum.
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Germany
Inhorgenta Munich, Germany
Silberwarenmuseum Ott-Pausersche Fabrik, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
DIVA Museum voor Edelsmeedkunst, Juwelen en Diamant, Antwerpen, Belgium
Museum Zons/Dormagen, Germany
Exhibition  08 Mar 2023 - 12 Mar 2023  Unfolding at Munich Jewellery Week 2023.
Exhibition  24 Feb 2023 - 27 Feb 2023  Unfolding at Inhorgenta 2023.
Exhibition  21 Jul 2022 - 03 Apr 2022  Lithomania.
Kunstgewerbe Museum Berlin, Germany
Exhibition  17 Apr 2022 - 20 Apr 2022  LET THERE BE ROCK.
Museum des Böhmischen Paradieses, Turnov, Czech Republic
Exhibition  21 Jan 2022 - 03 Apr 2022  LithoMania by Hochschule Trier.
Exhibition  30 Jun 2021 - 14 Aug 2021  From the jauntiness of absence.
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany
Exhibition  30 Jun 2021 - 14 Aug 2021  From the jauntiness of absence in Tallinn.
A*Galerii Tallinn, Estonia
Online lecture  30 Jun 2021 - 30 Jun 2021  From the jauntiness of absence. with the artist collective 
Aritst Talk  30 Jun 2021 - 14 Aug 2021  From the jauntiness of absence.
During the 8th Tallinn Applied Art triennial 'Translucency', A Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia
Exhibition  05 Nov 2020 - 18 Jul 2021  ROCKstars.
Exhibition  23 Jun 2020 - 12 Jul 2020  Friedrich Becker Prize 2020 Exhibition.
Award  23 Jun 2020 - 23 Jun 2020  Friedrich Becker Prize 2020.
Exhibition  13 Apr 2020 - 19 Jun 2020  Staats- und Förderpreis Rheinland-Pfalz.
Trier, Mainz, Germany
Exhibition  11 Oct 2019 - 01 Dec 2019  Arena.
Exhibition  16 Sep 2017 - 06 Oct 2017  A Ring is a Ring is a Ring.
Exhibition  30 Jun 0202 - 14 Aug 2020  From the jauntiness of absence.
Atelier de Artist Paris, France

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Book:  LithoMania. Arnoldsche Art Publishers:  Stuttgart,  2022
Book:  From the jauntiness of absence. Eitzenhöfer, Ute; Frechen, Natascha; Lindemann, Wilhelm; Mülbaier, Felicia; Salinas, Constanza; Werner, Luisa; Wild, JuliaHochschule Trier:  Idar-Oberstein,  2021
Book:  ROCKstars Idar-Oberstein. Hochschule TrierArnoldsche Art Publishers:  Idar-Oberstein, Germany,  2020