Winners of the Preziosa Young Design Competition 2023

Award giving  /  20 Jan 2024
Published: 09.04.2024
Xinyi Chen. Necklace: Joyful Signs, 2022. Recycled silver, E-waste, PVD. Awarded at: Preziosa Young Design Competition 2023. Xinyi Chen
Necklace: Joyful Signs, 2022
Recycled silver, E-waste, PVD
Awarded at: Preziosa Young Design Competition 2023
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Every year since 2008, Le Arti Orafe has organized a contest dedicated to emerging contemporary jewelry artists to capture and promote the spirit and new instances of this sector. From a shortlist of candidates, as always very numerous and whom we thank one by one for their participation, this year the jury entirely within the school and the PREZIOSA project has chosen three artists who come from different countries, cultures, and experiences. The Palestinian, Hasan Kurd, the Chinese woman artist transplanted to London Xinyi Chen, and the woman artist from the USA Maria Camera-Smith.