Xinyi Chen

Published: 20.01.2022


Xinyi Chen completed her study as a Jewellery designer at Gemmological Institue China University of Geosciences and received a bachelor in 2014. Xinyi has been experimenting with electronic components as the gemstone to make jewellery since 2016. During her current study in Central Saint Martins, she visited WEEE Recycling Centre, practising jewellery series in a broader context of sustainability and the fashion industry.


I am always interested in things that hide beauty and clumsiness. My mother worked as a computer practitioner from my childhood. Therefore, The chassis of the precision components has existed in my memory. Electronic components represent data and information, named 'Aritificial intelligems'. Through creating sustainable electronic components jewellery, I aim to achieve an unusual goal, a private world that evokes our memories of traditional fine jewellery while retaining their own identity as a separate world.
Also under development is my "Data Garden" collection, which injects authenticity into designs to transform the energy of my audience, creates wearable pieces that wander on the boundary between the physical versus digital.


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Exhibition  19 Jan 2022 - 19 Jan 2022  2022 Degree show at Central Saint Martins.
Fair  08 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018  SIERAAD 2018.
Fair  05 May 2018 - 06 May 2018  Autor 2018.