Exotic Formosa. Contemporary Jewellery from Taiwan

Exhibition  /  27 Mar 2020  -  28 Jun 2020
Published: 12.09.2019
Weng Mong Ruan. Sculpture: The Magic of Spirit, 2019. Brass, serpentine, agate.. Weng Mong Ruan
Sculpture: The Magic of Spirit, 2019
Brass, serpentine, agate.
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The goldsmith and sculptor Weng Mong Ruan is a mediator between different worlds: born in Taiwan with Chinese-Japanese roots, and trained as a goldsmith in Germany, plus serving as President of the Goldsmiths’ Guild in Nuremberg for many years, he is at home on several continents. His artworks elegantly wed his sensibility for materials and his appreciation of (gem)stones to clear-cut shapes that connote both a European and an Asian formal idiom.