Five of a kind. Positionen anwendbarer Kunst

Exhibition  /  30 Nov 2010  -  15 Jan 2011
Published: 26.11.2010
Fritz Maierhofer. Ring: Untitled, 2010. Silver. Fritz Maierhofer
Ring: Untitled, 2010
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(...) The curator and the artists have sought out suitable ‘venues’ for their jewellery statement: in Graz Galerie Eugen Lendl, in Munich under the auspices of ‘Schmuck 2011’ Galerie Elka Jordanow (incidentally in collaboration with Ass. Cult. Maurer Zilioli-Contemporary Arts, Brescia), neither of which belong to the conventional jewellery panorama yet are names to reckon with in international contemporary art. In the rooms of those galleries, jewellery allies itself synergetically, as it were, with the contemporary network, thus ensuring adequate linkage with other aesthetic statements that weigh in heavily. (...)