Exhibition  /  07 Mar 2013  -  10 Mar 2013
Published: 20.02.2013
Schwedische kirche

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(ig)noble is five Swedish jewellers' way of investigating how to price their work and how their time is valued. What separates a 2000 € jewellery piece from a 35 €?

Artist list

Hanna Liljenberg, Lisa Björke, Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson, Pernilla Persson
As jewellery artists, our materials are our treasures. At the same time the materials we use are often considered non-precious by most people. We transform, investigate and push the limits of what the material can offer. By adding ideas, craftsmanship and time we can bring its hidden nobility to the surface. In this group show Karin Roy Andersson, Lisa Björke, Pernilla Persson, Hanna Liljenberg and Sanna Svedestedt want to discuss how applied art is looked at and valued. “We want to raise the question of how we price our work, who our wearers are and how our jewellery is valued by the spectators”. The exhibition (ig)nobel will be presented during Schmuck 2013.

This is how we do it:
During (ig)nobel we will present jewellery at four different price levels. The prices are calculated based on how much time we have spent on making the pieces and how exclusive they are. A higher price gives you a one of a kind jewellery piece and in the lower price range there are multiples of similar objects. This way we hope to make all of our visitors feel included as there will be something suitable for collectors of all all sizes.

Price levels
1 – One exclusive piece: 2000 €
2 – Two one of a kind pieces: 600 €
3 – Six pieces, similar but with some variations: 200 €
4 – Unnumbered edition of multiples: 35 €
Sanna Svedestedt. : Untitled. Sanna, SvedestedtMaterial of choice: reindeer leather. Sanna Svedestedt
: Untitled

Sanna, Svedestedt
Material of choice: reindeer leather
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Pernilla Persson. : Untitled. Pernilla, PerssonMaterial of choice: plaster. Pernilla Persson
: Untitled

Pernilla, Persson
Material of choice: plaster
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Lisa Björke. : Untitled. Lisa, BjörkeMaterial of choice: iron. Lisa Björke
: Untitled

Lisa, Björke
Material of choice: iron
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Karin Roy Andersson. : Untitled. Karin, Roy AnderssonMaterial of choice: recycled plastic. Karin Roy Andersson
: Untitled

Karin, Roy Andersson
Material of choice: recycled plastic
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Hanna Liljenberg. : Untitled. Hanna, LiljenbergMaterial of choice: balsa wood. Hanna Liljenberg
: Untitled

Hanna, Liljenberg
Material of choice: balsa wood
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